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Limassol, Cyprus

Sergey Dolya • 3 minutes read • November 13th, 2015
What I like about cruises is that every night you sleep in the same bed, eat at chic restaurants, enjoy the wonderful entertainment onboard and everyday you can wander around a new place, new country and new city.  
The sunrise was beautiful and unusual:

We arrived in Cyprus and entered the Bay of 



It was a very peaceful and quiet town. There were not many attractions, the main one being

Kolossi Castle


Near the castle, you can visit the gorgeous and ancient amphitheater. During performances, the audience can enjoy both the show and the tranquil ocean view. 

The town itself has narrow streets:

There are a lot of ads 'hanging' throughout the city:

In the center stands a beautiful Church with stunning paintings:

Limassol is famous for its goods made from beads:

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