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Limassol Harbor (Marina), Chloraka Village, Coral Bay. Cyprus

3 minutes read • May 6th, 2017
We started our exploring of the island from the city of


. When we asked one local woman which places nearby the center she would recommend us to visit, she mentioned Marina -

Limassol Harbor

. It is a quite new place in the city. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, apartments and other facilities.
1trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGThere were many various yachts.
2trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGLater we drove to the local village, Chloraka. Although, it is very quite and peaceful - best for families and aged persons. I do not think it's suitable for young people because it's quite far from bars, shops, and other attractions. There's no beach, the waterfront is rocky. Anyway, it is easy to get to the closest city by car or by bus. The public transport runs regularly and the roads are perfect!
3trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGA lot of new villas were under construction all around the area.
4trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPG5trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGThere was some ship in the sea. It looked like a wrecked ship.

The island was full of different flowers in April.
13trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPG14trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGWe had lunch in "Dimma" restaurant. I think it was the only one in Chloraka. The service is great and the food was delicious.
15trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGThis is the view of the village. Then we continued our trip and decided to visit

Coral Bay

, which was located not far.
16trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGThis is a garden design near a residence in Coral Bay.
17trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPG18trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGBuses run from Paphos city to Coral Bay, where the final bus station is located. There is also a nice beach.
19trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPG20trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPG21trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGMany hotels and the so-called villas are located in the area.
29trip-to-cyprus-p1.JPGIn the end of our day, we had a dinner with the sea view and tasted some local wine... It was unforgettable.

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