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Livorno Hills

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The Livorno Hills (also known as Leghorn Hills, or in Italian as the Colline Livornesi) is a mountain range in Tuscany, included in the municipalities of Livorno, Collesalvetti and Rosignano Marittimo, and in the Province of Livorno. Due to its vicinity to the sea, the average height is quite low. The highest mountain is Poggio Lecceta (Holms Knoll), with an elevation of 462 meters on the sea level. Other peaks, such as the Monte Maggiore (Mount Major) or Poggio ai tre mulini (Knoll of the Three Mills) are over 400 meters high. Important villages on the Livorno Hills are the fractions of Valle Benedetta (Livorno), Nibbiaia and Gabbro (Rosignano Marittimo), and Rosignano Marittimo too, which is situated on the homonymous knoll at a height of 142 meters. Many streams, although the weather is quite dry in the summer, run down from the Leghorn Hills. The longest is known as Rio Ugione, on the border between Leghorn and Collesalvetti municipalities.

A natural park called Riserva naturale Calafuria is set in the part of the Livorno Hills near the coast.

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