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Longyearbyen, Spitzbergen

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
Having passed at night about 186 miles (300 kilometers) to the south between the most northern and central parts of Spitzbergen, in the morning our ship came in 


, and then in Adventfjorden, mooring in the port of 


, the capital of Spitzbergen and quite a large city according to the Arctic standards.


is a historic center of the coal industry that was the main economic component of Spitzbergen in the past. The legacy of the 50's is everywhere – cable cars, galleries of old mines on the rocky slopes.
5longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg6longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg7longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgLongyearbyen, unlike Ny-Alesund, is a large city. There is, for example, a church with its Sunday school (Svalbard Church).
8longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg9longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgHere’s a bed of honor of the miners.
10longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgWe went around the city on a country road. Longyearbyen is surrounded by rocks from all sides.
11longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgHere are another old tunnel and the cable car tower which once led there. In the rocks of Spitzbergen, there are unique tunnels and underground railways.
12longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg13longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgreindeer was peacefully grazing near the old cable car. :)
14longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg15longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgThis is a local school, a gym, and a swimming pool. Spitzbergen youth has absolutely all kinds of sports facilities.
16longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg17longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg18longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg19longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg20longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgIn the area of permafrost, all buildings are built on piles.
21longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgHere we can see the construction of pile foundation in permafrost soils.
22longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgIn the main street of Longyearbyen, there are many souvenir shops and cafes as more and more tourists come to Spitzbergen every year.
23longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg24longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg25longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg26longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg27longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgHere’s the building of the Norwegian Polar Institute with an operating museum.
28longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgAlong with a slope, there’s a ropeway in which coal is transported from the mine directly to the city boiler room.
29longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg30longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg31longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgAnd here’s a lovely local fire station. :)
32longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgThis is a sundial:
33longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg34longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg35longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgAnd finally, here’s a classic of Spitzbergen! However, judging by freely grazing reindeer right in the village, one can assume that bears can be seen here as well. :)
36longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpg37longyearbyen-spitzbergen.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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