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Looking For Miracles In Jerusalem. P2

lavagra • 4 minutes read • January 12th, 2017
The first part of the review can be found here.
There was a huge line to 

The Church Of the Holy Sepulchre

Although I can say one thing for sure - the aura and energy are extremely powerful there.
The whole building of the temple is divided between the various Christian denominations, which have their own prayer schedule.
28looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg29looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg30looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg31looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgAt the entrance, there’s the first main shrine of the temple - the Stone of Unction, covered with a red polished marble slab. Millions of believers made this place holy with their prayers and touches.
32looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgWe went to Calvary, following the narrow stairs a few feet away. It’s a dark room with lots of candles and lamps. It belongs to the Greek Orthodox aisle.
33looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgOne should stand a long line in order to get on knees and see a piece of white rock, where possibly the cross of the crucified Christ was placed.
34looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgIn fact, you feel uncomfortable and awkward there. Quite different sensations occur during the descent to the church of the Finding of the True Cross. All the walls of the corridor going deep underground are striated with crosses.
35looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg36looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgSepulcher (edicula), a small chapel, is considered to be the main destination of all the Holy Sepulchre Church. The Holy Sepulchre is located inside. This place is the main shrine of the Christian world.
37looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgThere were huge lines. It is always guarded by the monks. We had stood an hour-long line until we got inside.
38looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg39looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg40looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg41looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg42looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpg43looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgLater we visited another unusual place in 


- the Garden Tomb.
44looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgThis place is located outside the walls of the Old City near the Damascus Gate at the foot of a small hill. Anglican and Protestant churches believe that there is the real tomb of Jesus Christ in a small rock-cut tomb. Nearby, the congregants had planted a small garden with benches and a mosaic of quotations from the Bible.
45looking-for-miracles-in-jerusalem.jpgI was feeling surprisingly calm there.


is multifaceted and diverse, it is ready to accommodate all religions and beliefs, all the fairy-tales and true stories, kindness and anger, calm and irritation, faith and unbelief, vices and virtues - all facets of human existence.
Author: Lavagra
Source: lavagra.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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