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Los Angeles And Entertainment

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 4 minutes read • June 30th, 2016
1los-angelescruise.jpgLet me tell you a little bit about 

Los Angeles

. First, we went to the 


. You can get there by subway, and then by a free shuttle. Going from the bus to the park entrance, you will go along the street of souvenir shops and various cafes and cinemas.
2los-angelescruise.jpg3los-angelescruise.jpgThe entrance ticket for the whole day is $69 (as of 2010). The horror caves were the first attraction where we went.
We went down to the lower level and decided to take a ride on a boat in the Jurassic Park.
4los-angelescruise.jpgThis is a real roller coaster! Huge dinosaurs were popping out of bushes, dinosaurs babies were spitting water and their parents were blowing fire. In the end of the route, our boat dropped sharply down into the abyss!!! Just look at this building from which we fell down, and you will imagine how scary it was...
5los-angelescruise.jpgThen we were going to the Mummy ride, but at the supreme moment, we had changed our mind!
6los-angelescruise.jpgIt is much more interesting and safe on a STUDIO TOUR, a trip around outdoor film studios.
7los-angelescruise.jpgMany decorations seem to be thoroughly chosen.
8los-angelescruise.jpg9los-angelescruise.jpg10los-angelescruise.jpgWe wanted to take a closer look at this crashed plane, but somehow we drove too fast past it.
11los-angelescruise.jpgWe stopped to look at the way the cars are usually blown up in movies.
12los-angelescruise.jpgThere was a broadcast of movies shown inside the car.
13los-angelescruise.jpgFor example, we were shown the focus with a rapid flow of water in the movie, and then in reality!
14los-angelescruise.jpg15los-angelescruise.jpgIn general, there is a lot to see, everything is very exciting!
16los-angelescruise.jpgFor those who did not manage to get to the famous hills, you get an opportunity here.
17los-angelescruise.jpgOf course, we went there as well. However, we didn’t get closer due to the lack of time. For us, it was enough just to see it.
18los-angelescruise.jpgAt the end of the second day, we took a walk along the Star Boulevard - 

Hollywood Walk of Fame

19los-angelescruise.jpgIn the morning we rented a car. Before going to San Diego, we stopped for a moment in Beverly Hills to look at celebrity homes.
For example, these are the gates of the house of Angelina Jolie.
20los-angelescruise.jpgAnd Bruce Willis lives here, an eternal universe saver.
But we didn’t wait for the celebrities to appear, we went to San Diego.
Author: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Source: prosto-gost.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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