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Los Angeles. Aquarium

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
The aquarium is located in the town of 

Long Beach

, part of Greater 

Los Angeles

Aquarium of the Pacific

is one of the largest aquariums in the United States. The total number of inhabitants is 11,000! All of them are members of the Pacific fauna. There are enclosed areas and open ones. The penguins, jellyfish, and parrots left the biggest impression :)
1los-angeles-aquarium.jpg2los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThere were rooms where visitors could touch different animals. There were lots of children :)
3los-angeles-aquarium.jpgSome objects were very strange. I had never seen them before.
4los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThese are the inhabitants of the water's depth.
5los-angeles-aquarium.jpg6los-angeles-aquarium.jpg7los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThere’s a huge aquarium in the wall of the main lobby.
8los-angeles-aquarium.jpg9los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThese are original Christmas decorations. (I was there in December).
10los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThe children had a small performance: they were singing and dancing.
11los-angeles-aquarium.jpg12los-angeles-aquarium.jpg13los-angeles-aquarium.jpgOne can spend hours looking at the aquariums!
14los-angeles-aquarium.jpg15los-angeles-aquarium.jpg16los-angeles-aquarium.jpgOutdoors was another attraction – you can feed the parrots. You buy a bowl of nectar and go inside the aviary. And a complete mess begins! Flocks of colorful birds loudly shout and fly around you. :)
17los-angeles-aquarium.jpg18los-angeles-aquarium.jpg19los-angeles-aquarium.jpg20los-angeles-aquarium.jpg21los-angeles-aquarium.jpg22los-angeles-aquarium.jpg23los-angeles-aquarium.jpg24los-angeles-aquarium.jpgPenguins were amazing! They swam so well :)
25los-angeles-aquarium.jpg26los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThe sharks were swimming actively around in a circle in the pool.
27los-angeles-aquarium.jpg28los-angeles-aquarium.jpgAgain we went inside.
29los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThe largest aquarium.
30los-angeles-aquarium.jpg31los-angeles-aquarium.jpg32los-angeles-aquarium.jpg33los-angeles-aquarium.jpg34los-angeles-aquarium.jpg35los-angeles-aquarium.jpg36los-angeles-aquarium.jpg37los-angeles-aquarium.jpg38los-angeles-aquarium.jpg39los-angeles-aquarium.jpg40los-angeles-aquarium.jpg41los-angeles-aquarium.jpgAnd here’s the muzzle of a whale. 
42los-angeles-aquarium.jpgWe went further, to the tropics.
43los-angeles-aquarium.jpg44los-angeles-aquarium.jpgThese are coral reefs. The fish were so different: yellow, orange, and blue.
45los-angeles-aquarium.jpg46los-angeles-aquarium.jpg47los-angeles-aquarium.jpg48los-angeles-aquarium.jpg49los-angeles-aquarium.jpg50los-angeles-aquarium.jpg51los-angeles-aquarium.jpgHere are some alien beings.
52los-angeles-aquarium.jpgWe went to the street. It was bright and sunny. Long Beach was reflected in the glass.
53los-angeles-aquarium.jpg54los-angeles-aquarium.jpgWe left the car in the parking lot (white building in the photo above), took a bus and went to see Queen Mary!
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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