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Los Angeles. Disneyland

Dmytro Cherkasov • 6 minutes read • January 24th, 2017
Before this trip, I was sure that the first Disneyland was built in Florida, in Orlando. However, it turned out that I was wrong. The world's first theme park of Walt Disney Company was opened in

Los Angeles

. Moreover, he personally planned the construction of this park. Therefore, this park most closely corresponds to his idea of how things should be arranged. You can see its hallmark in the first picture - "Snow White Castle".
We went there very early in the morning, even without having breakfast. Disneyland Resort itself is about an hour's drive from Beverly Hills. Despite such an early time, there was already a line at an entrance to a parking lot. Although parking lot is just huge and has many entries, there are also many people wishing to visit the park. Such electric trains take you from the parking lot to the entrance of


They depart quite often and there is no any hustle to get in it, as passengers are divided by the turnstiles, and everyone gets exactly on a certain row of seats in the cabin.
Since the park is just huge, many people live in a hotel near Disneyland. This futuristic monorail train runs from the hotel to the entrance. It's just possible to visit all attractions during one day.
There are also different means of transport on the territory.
There's even such ecologically clean variant.
Or, for example, such cool fire truck. Its driver is just mega-positive. He welcomed everyone and posed with pleasure.
There's also the train running around the park. It departs from the central station and runs around passing various attractions along the way. Benches in the train stand lengthwise and everyone can clearly see what is happening around.
Or you can ride in a hearse with an invisible horse. :-) In fact, this is one of the elements of "Phantom Manor" decor. Ghosts are not scary here but even funny. Therefore, you can easily take your baby with you.
You move around "Phantom Manor" on original carts. Various inhabitants of this haunted house appear around you.
Compared with Universal, Disney is definitely better for visiting with young children. There are many children's attractions in addition to extreme rides for adults. The child really enjoys everything. By the way, a saleswoman in a shop at the park entrance gave my children free badge with an inscription "First time at Disneyland". All the staff was very friendly.
You can easily shoot all the actors working in the park. All the costumed characters will be photographed with your baby with pleasure.
There are a lot of different performances right in the park. Something always going on.

I'd also like to mention that you can't buy alcoholic beverages in the park.
This is the final stage of the attraction called "Splash Mountain".
Here is a short video for you to understand our feelings. I was the last and was filming with GoPro. By the way, there are no "Front Of The Line" tickets in Disneyland. You can either buy a ticket in advance for the scheduled time in special places near the attraction, or if you want to ride alone, there is a special entrance for the "Single Rider" where there are almost no people.
We also visited one of the most famous attractions of the park - "Pirates of the Caribbean". 
At first, you'll be taken through several rides and pirate coves. Then there will be the scene of the fortress assault made by pirates. Here you can see the aftermath of the city capture. Rich people are being stimulated to contribute to the pirate economy with the help of a dip into a well. Figures are very natural. Even merchants knees are trembling.
Here you can see people resting with confiscate rum right on a quay.
Here are prisoners for good hands.
Captain Jack Sparrow appears in the most unexpected places from time to time. In general, this attraction is famous for the fact that it appeared before the movie. Previously, movies had never been based on the attraction.
These poor guys closed in a ward are trying to lure the dog with a key, but with no luck.

Of course, one day isn't enough to visit this park. Moreover, there's is another Disney park nearby - "

California Adventures

". Nevertheless, it is good that we have visited it. It's especially great that we were with a guide. Therefore we did not lose time in vain and had the most productive time. For example, we went to the Pirates immediately upon arrival, so we did not stand in line.
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Source: dmytrocherkasov.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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