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Los Angeles. Disneyland Park California. P1

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
Let me tell you about 

Disneyland . . .

This park was opened in 1955. It is located 40 minutes south of 

Los Angeles,

in the town of Anaheim.
1los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgWe went from Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles.
Then onto Anaheim.
2los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgDisney's California Adventure Park is the second Disney Theme Park.
It was opened in 2001 together with the famous 

Disneyland Park

3los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg4los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg5los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg6los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgAt the entrance to Disneyland you see smiling Mickey Mouse :)
7los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgDisneyland Railroad runs around the park and have several stops.
We decided to start with it, to drive and look around. :)
8los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg9los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg10los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgDisneyland has more than 60 attractions, unforgettable shows and all sorts of entertainment, as well as cafes and restaurants! The park has 8 thematic areas: Main Street, Adventureland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Mickey's Toontown, New Orleans Square, and Tomorrowland.
Main Street is the main street in Disneyland, like old America. There are railway station, town hall, cafes, shops, and Walt Disney characters strolling around. The street leads to the center of the park where Sleeping Beauty's Castle is located.
​Adventureland is full of surprises! There is the Indiana Jones Adventure, Tarzan’s house in a tree, and so much more!
Critter Country was opened in 1972. Its main attraction is Splash Mountain (a "Singing" mountain), when you boat peacefully before suddenly dropping down a waterfall.
Fantasyland is a park in the style of a medieval Bavarian town with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the middle. Most of the rides are designed for children.
Frontierland is very popular! This is the Wild West: cowboys, Indians, saloons with country music. Here you can ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the ride we planned on visiting. 
Mickey's Toontown is the home of the Disney characters, designed for very small children.
New Orleans Square depicts the architecture and the spirit of New Orleans in the 19th century. The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion are located there.
Tomorrowland is a country in the future.
11los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgAfter going around the perimeter, we returned to the main station. Main street began here.
12los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg13los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg14los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgWe saw this horse carriage on Main Street, the main street in Disneyland.
15los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg16los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgHere’s Walt Disney with his Mickey Mouse, in front of the famous Disney castle, the iconic symbol of Disneyland!
17los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg18los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg19los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgHere’s a part of Tomorrowland. But we will return there later.
20los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg21los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg22los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg23los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg24los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg25los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgEverything was bright and festive, in the Christmas spirit. There was fairy music playing and an all around magical atmosphere surrounded us.
26los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg27los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpg28los-angeles-disneyland-park-california-p1.jpgAnd then we heard loud cheerful music. People began to move in the direction of the pond, so we quickly followed them.  
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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