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Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
Let me tell about our trip to see the

Hollywood Sign

. It was in December 2013 :) Most of the tourists who visit Hollywood take photos of the background of the sign.
1los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg The Hollywood sign is located on the southern slope of Mount Lee. It was installed in 1923 for real estate advertising. Originally, it said HOLLYWOODLAND, but later four letters were removed. The Hollywood Sign has undergone several restorations and as a result, it has been completely updated. Each letter has its own sponsor! Currently, the inscription is 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) lower than the original one.
2los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg3los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgWe came from that mountain. At the bottom, there’s a Nice City Park, and Mount Lee can be seen to the right.
4los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgIt wasn't easy to ascend the mountain. Even the locals do not know how to get there. The letters seem to be close to each other, but the road is winding and time-consuming, since it lies around the hills. First, we drove up to the observation deck and took lots of photos. Point address: 3000 Canyon Lake Dr ;)
Here’s lake Hollywood and the dam.
5los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThere’s the white turret of Castillo del Lago, behind the trees. Madonna owned this villa in the 1990s.
6los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThese are the locals.
7los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg8los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg9los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg10los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThen we went toward Sunset Ranch.
11los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg12los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg13los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgWe left the car in the free parking lot of Sunset Ranch, and walked toward to the letters. In the photo, there’s a way to the ranch but we went in the opposite direction to the top.
14los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgIn fact, it took us about 2 hours to get there. It was a 3 mile (5 km) hike. 
15los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThe road wasn't paved and snaked around the hill: 16los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgWe saw such beautiful views:  
17los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThere was a moment when I felt that we were moving away from the sign, that's normal. 
You must turn right on a T-shaped intersection.
19los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThere’s the 


and Downtown 

Los Angeles

in the background.
20los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThe path rounds the hill on the other side, so you get to the letters from behind. There’s Burbank town in the San Fernando Valley, below.
21los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg22los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgHere’s the Old North Church. The place is marked on the map as Memorial Park Forest Lawn.
23los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg24los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThe letters cannot be approached directly. About 15 years ago, the Los Angeles Police Department established a security system equipped with motion detectors and a video surveillance system. If someone tries to climb over the fence and approach the sign, then an alarm goes off and the police will come.  
25los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg26los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgAtop there was a retransmitter-tower, and other technical devices.
27los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgYou can climb even higher. There are beautiful views.
28los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgThis is Lake Hollywood. We began our journey somewhere down there.
29los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgEach letter is 44.9 feet (13.7 meters) tall. The total length of the sign is about 1640 feet (500 meters). There is a camera on the letter O.
30los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg31los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgSo we went downhill. Whee, we did it!
The ranch offered horseback riding. People, who were too lazy to descend by foot, can use this method.
32los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpgTo get down the Hollywood sign, you will need: comfortable shoes, a bottle of water and sunscreen, preferably. Even in December, it was very sunny. Anyway, it was great!
33los-angeles-hollywood-sign.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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