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Los Angeles. Queen Mary Ship

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
Queen Mary is a legendary ocean liner of the company 

Cunard White Star

. She was launched in 1934. At that time, she was the largest and fastest vessel. She was impressive both in size and luxury. Everything was made from materials of the highest quality: the interior of mahogany, large mirrors, elegant furniture, chandeliers and lamps shone bright, but not too bright. She was stylish and decorated in the fashion of that time. There was also a library, swimming pool and tennis court onboard of the ship. The restaurant was the most spacious room on the ship. Moreover, it was the largest room that was ever built on a cruise liner. Currently, the historic ship is moored in the Port at 

Long Beach

and has been turned into a museum.
1los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgThe dome of the cruise terminal and modern cruise ship, Carnival, in the background.
2los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgTechnical details about the Queen Mary: length - 1019 feet (310.7 m); width - 118 feet (36,1 m); tonnage - 81,237 tons; speed - 31 knots; number of passengers - 2139 people (first class - 776, second - 784, third - 579); crew - 1101 people.
3los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgHere’s a view of Long Beach from a cafe onboard the Queen Mary.
4los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgThis is the 


, where a yacht club is located.
5los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgIt seems there is a restaurant in the lighthouse.
6los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgThe ship was named in honor of Queen Mary, the wife of King George V. The construction was interrupted by the global economic crisis, the Great Depression. The British government had to allocate credit and subsidize the completion of the ship’s construction.
7los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgIt is said that Charlie Chaplin sailed on this ship during his tours. 8los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg9los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg10los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg11los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg12los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg13los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg14los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgQueen Mary appeared in several movies.
15los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg16los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg17los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgFor those who want to get married on the ship, there’s a wedding chapel and a church.
18los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgHere’s a container terminal.
19los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgThis is an outdoor skating rink. Skating in sunny California is a an exotic entertainment.
22los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgThe ship is not only a museum but also a hotel! You can book a cabin and settle there :)
23los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg24los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgIn 1940 Queen Mary functioned as a military transport, participating in the transfer of troops to Europe. After the war, the ship was converted again, and passenger transportation was resumed. As it is written in the advertising leaflet, she is the only one of the great transatlantic ships of the pre-war period that survived to the present day.
25los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg26los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpgNearby, there’s a parked submarine, which is also a museum.
The submarine is called the Russian Scorpion. My review about it can be found here.
27los-angeles-queen-mary-ship.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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