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Los Angeles. Residences Of Celebrities

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
One day we bought a tour around the celebrity neighborhoods. It was not so expensive, about $35 (as of 2010) or something, but it was our biggest mistake; a waste of money. However, we continued on . . .
We got into the van with an open top, and at first, it was interesting. Here, for example, the famous hotel-club "

Magic Castle

", built by banker Rollin Lane. This is a private club for magicians and illusionists, the so-called Academy of Magical Arts. Harry Houdini and David Copperfield gave their presentations there. And even nowadays, various shows and performances are held there. Visitors are welcomed by a witch, who opens the door with a spell :)
1los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgWe passed that cross several times.
2los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThe same Mulholland :) Do you remember David Lynch's thriller from 2001? The street itself is named after the national hero of California - William Malholanda, an Irish immigrant.
3los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgSome letters in the sky... Where did they come from?
4los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgWe drove up the hill, left the car and took a walk. The view was stunning. From above, we could see Hollywood in the distance – Downtown

Los Angeles

5los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg6los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgBelow, you can see the freeway :)
Look closely, there’s a round tower in the photo. This is the record company, 

Capitol Records

7los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg8los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgWe climbed down and found a perfect panoramic view of the city, so we quickly began taking pictures. LOOK! On the mountain...
9los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg...the sign "Hollywood" - one of the main symbols of the city!
The inscription was made from 49 foot (15-meter) letters and appeared on Mount Lee in 1923, when a certain Harry Chandler, owner of the Los Angeles Times, had decided to invest in real estate. To advertise the new district, a huge Hollywoodland sign was built. It was also illuminated at night. In 1949, whether due to the hurricane or  another reason, the last 4 letters fell off. Since then, only H O L L Y W O O D remained :) This Hollywood sign even has its own website. Below, a satellite is the background for the sign.
10los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg11los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg12los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgAnd here are some houses:
13los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgHere’s Carneys Express Limited on Sunset Strip.
Sunset Strip is a part of Sunset Boulevard, where all sorts of clubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment establishments are concentrated.
14los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg15los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg16los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThis is a night club called Whisky a Go-Go. It has been in operation since 1964. It's called "whisky", instead of "whiskey". The club has a big history. I only remember that in the mid 70s, there was a transvestite show with an interesting name, The Cycle Sluts :)
17los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgHere's an advertisement for Cirque du Soleil. This is a poster for the Kooza show, which took place in Santa Monica.
18los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgSierra tower is a residential complex with views of the ocean, as well as being the center of the nightlife. Some celebrities live here.
19los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgHere are some other houses!
20los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg21los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg22los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg23los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg24los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThese are bushes on the street of Beverly Hills.
25los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg26los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgGRAYSTONE. Address: 501 N.Doheny Drive.
In 1928, oil millionaire Edward Doheny built a magnificent castle surrounded by a park for his son Nick. A year later, the Secretary, who didn’t get an increase in salary, took offense and shot Doheny Jr. before shooting himself. After the tragedy, the house had several owners before being transferred to the city authorities. The mansion served as a backdrop for many films.
27los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg28los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThe bus didn't;t stop, as there was video surveillance around.
29los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThere are no sidewalks and the streets were deserted almost everywhere.
30los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg31los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg32los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg33los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg34los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg35los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg36los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg37los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg38los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg39los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg40los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg41los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg42los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThis was Michael Jackson's house, where he died in June 2009.
43los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg44los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg45los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg46los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgWe soon got tired and it was terribly cold in the open car. So, we made our way to Rodeo Drive :)  My attention was drawn to this building.
47los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg48los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpgThis is the City Hall of Beverly Hills. In general, it is a complex of buildings called the Beverly Hills Civic Center, which includes the Police and Fire Department, and a library.
49los-angeles-residences-of-celebrities.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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