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Los Angeles. The Getty Museum

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
The educational center and museum (

Getty Museum

) is dedicated to the study of the art and culture from ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. The extensive collection is one of the best collections of ancient art in America. So, here is my review of the 44,000 exhibits held there:
1los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThe informational brochure contained a plan with brief comments. One of the pages was devoted to the shape of Greek vases, while the other was about the gods and goddesses. The third wrote about the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. While many people know some Greek and Roman history, many people do not know very much about the Etruscans. They inhabited the central part of the Apennine peninsula, as a union of cities located in the hills. The area was rich with agricultural and mineral resources, and its location was ideal for trade and cultural exchange. On land rich with ores, the Etruscans became skilled metal craftsmen, producing a lot of jewelry, decorative reliefs, and cast figures. The Etruscans regarded themselves as direct descendants of the Greek culture. In the photo, there’s a storage container. Let’s start the inspection.
2los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgOne of the halls is dedicated to tombs. A hunter is depicted here. Marble, Greece, 325 BC.
3los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgHere are vases again. This form of vase is called "Amphora". It was also designed to store anything.
4los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg5los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgHere’s “The twelve labors of Hercules”.
6los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgSome samples were quite picturesque.
7los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThe plate near the statue said: The Lansdowne Herakles. 
8los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThis is the Marble Hall. Below there were samples of colors. The variety was impressive!
9los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg10los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg11los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg12los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThis is Zeus. The statue is from about 100 BC. The figure was found at the bottom of the sea. Its left side was laying in the sand, and the right side was destroyed by shellfish.
13los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg14los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThe diagram graphically presents the periods of the Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilizations.
15los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg16los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg17los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThis is a sarcophagus panel depicting Medusa and theatrical masks. Marble, Roman, A.D. 140-170.
18los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg19los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg20los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg21los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg22los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg23los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg24los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg25los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg26los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg27los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg28los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg29los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg30los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg31los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgIn the photo above, is the statue of  Kouros - a young athlete, usually depicted naked. Kouros was usually placed in sanctuaries and tombs. In the picture, you can see what it looks like from the front.
32los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg33los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgHere’s Caligula.
34los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg35los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg36los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgThis is a funeral artifact.
37los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpgOne of the most interesting halls of the 


is dedicated to mummies. There is a film shown, talking about the position of the body, how/with what it was wrapped, and other details. It’s short, but interesting and informative.
38los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg39los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg40los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg41los-angeles-the-getty-museum.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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