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Los Angeles. The Getty Park

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016

Los Angeles is where the 

Getty center is located

. You can find The Getty Museum review here, a separate review about the museum. 
There’s a beautiful park around the museum, I later learned that it is near the Malibu 

Getty Villa

. Four years later, I was able to go there. In fact, this is also a park and museum, which contains works of art of ancient Greece and Rome. The collection includes more than 44,000 exhibits dating from the period 6500 BC - 400 BC. And the admission is free!
Oil baron John Paul Getty believed that art must be accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth. The villa was built specifically to accommodate all of these artifacts. The building follows the Italian Villa Dei Papiri in the city of Herculaneum, not far from Naples. Getty Villa welcomed its first visitors in 1974. However, Paul Getty didn’t see it because he died in 1976, in London at the age of 83. When we got there, it was already getting dark. So we quickly went around the park, and then inspected the internal decor for a while.
2los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpgGosh!..It was the first time I saw a statue with eyes!
3los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpgThis was the central courtyard, with a sky-blue swimming pool. There is an observation deck behind the pool. Earlier it was overlooking the ocean, now it is not visible behind the trees.
4los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg5los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg6los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg7los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpgAs most of the Villa de Papiri is still buried under the ashes of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, parts of the other buildings and cities served as the inspiration for the decor. For example, here are bronze lamps that lit the streets of Pompeii in ancient times.
8los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg9los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg10los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpgOn the opposite side of the villa, there was a small Oriental Garden. In reality, it's just an open space, enclosed by walls. In the shade of the trees, there are several statues and two fountains.
11los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpgTo the right of the central courtyard, was a peaceful garden where you can see the plants that have grew many, many years ago on the Villa de Papiri. The herbs were used as a seasoning in cooking, as well as drugs, and even in magical rituals. The pamphlet said that there are about 300 species of plants!
12los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg13los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg14los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg15los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpgFinally, it was dark. We went inside.
16los-angeles-the-getty-park.jpg Here’s some useful information: the entrance fee, as I wrote above, is free, however, you should “order” the ticket in advance on the official website. Also, keep in mind that you have to pay for parking there.  
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
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