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Los Angeles. Universal Studios Hollywood. P1

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016

Universal Studios 

is part of the former film studio Universal Pictures, but now it is an amusement park for children and adults! A ticket for the whole day cost $69 (as of 2010). The park opened at 10 a.m. and closed at 5 p.m., but there were different operating hours depending ont the time of year. I had heard about the exciting special effects and I was very anxious to go there! On the third day of our stay in Hollywood, my dream came true :)
1los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThere were many such cafes already at the entrance to the park :)
2los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgAnd this is a view of the territory. I took a photo through the lattice, as the 


was closed (we arrived early).
3los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgExactly at 10 a.m. visitors were allowed to enter. This sculptural group was set right next to the entrance.
4los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgWe decided to start with the Studio Tour.
5los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg6los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThere were screens mounted on each car. We passed by the movie sets, the excerpts of which were shown on the screens. 
7los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgSomewhere something was filmed, the scenes were assembled and street layouts were built.
8los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg9los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg10los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgAt some point, we were going to cross the bridge, but it fell down... :) Special effects had begun!
11los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThen we passed the place where the cars from different movies were collected.
12los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgHere we stopped. There were two cars parked.
13los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgAnd then it suddenly exploded! :)
14los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgIn fact, they did not explode; it was also a special effect.
15los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThen they were dancing to hip hop :)
16los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThen we arrived in the Jurassic Park area. There was also an appropriate soundtrack playing :)
17los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg18los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg19los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThen the rain started falling! It looked so natural.
20los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgAnd then the flooding began! The water gushed directly at us! But at the last moment, it turned another way. It was dreadful :) 
21los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThen everything was quiet, just the scenery of different movie and TV series.
22los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg23los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg24los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg25los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgAnd then the special effects started again! We rode in the subway. Then suddenly the ceiling collapsed and a truck fell straight into the station! A rushing train bumped into it and came off the rails! The pillars crumbled. Everything was crashing! Suddenly, there was a short circuit and the most nerve racking part for me was when there was a break in the water pipe! The water looked like it would flow directly onto us, but luckily it passed by!  In general, it was impressive!
26los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgAs soon as we recovered from the disaster in the subway, we came to an airliner crash site!
27los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg28los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg29los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg30los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg31los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgEverything was life-size!
32los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg33los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg34los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpg35los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThen there was The Mummy with all sorts of unpleasant creepy horror stories and moving stone walls! Horror :)
36los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood.jpgThe second part of the review can be found 


. And here you can find the third part.
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
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