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Los Angeles. Universal Studios Hollywood. P2

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
This is the continuation of the review about our tour through 

Universal Studios

. You can find the first part here.

There was a full-length shark in the middle of the street. It was accompanied by frightening music :)
1los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgSuddenly, Marilyn Monroe passed by me!
There were some cafes and shops around.
2los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgFor $10-20 (as of 2010) you can have your make-up done :)
3los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgOr you can take pictures with Shrek and Princess Fiona! :)
4los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgNearby, there was the yammering donkey! :)
5los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg6los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg7los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgThis was in 

Universal Studios, where

I saw the film in 4D for the first time! It's the same as 3D, but there are more tactile effects. If there’s a breeze in the screen, then a breeze blows, if someone sneezes, then you’re sprayed in the face, if the mice are running, then an appropriate air effect on your legs is created :)
8los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgThis is Animal Actors show, i.e. trained animals that starred in movies.
9los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg10los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg11los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg12los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg13los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg14los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg15los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg16los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg17los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg18los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg19los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg20los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg21los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgA shop selling T-shirts, mugs, pens and other souvenirs :)
22los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg23los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgThis is Sponge-bob! :)
24los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgHere’s the Simpsons Ride. There was nothing remotely frightful here - you sit down in a chair, buckle the seat belt and you’re carted through various roller coasters, taking off into the abyss, shaken, swayed and tossed. It’s safe in general, but for some reason everyone still screamed :)
25los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg26los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg27los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg28los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgThe Apollo 13 crew.
29los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpg30los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgMeanwhile, we went to the lower tier of the 


. There are amusements there as well!
31los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgThere were shops with a certain theme next to each attraction.
32los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgWe then went to Jurassic Park. We were peacefully boating, and there were toy dinosaurs around but nothing scary.
Until we got to the end. The ride ended with a fall over an 84-foot (25 meter) vertical waterfall! In short, my body had produced enough adrenaline for the next year :)
33los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p2.jpgLet’s take a break. The third part is going to be interesting as well. You can find the continuation here
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
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