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Los Angeles. Universal Studios Hollywood. P3

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
So, this is the final part of the review about the 

Universal Studios in Hollywood

. The first part of the review can be found 


 and second part here.
We went to the pavilion, where we were told about the special effects using fire. I was bored until we went to the last room, where we were shown everything about what we were told. And everything happened just 2 meters (6 feet) in front of us! It was very impressive :)
1los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgI was in the second line, and even there I could feel the heat!
2los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgAt some moment, the ceiling began to crumble and the floor fell slightly beneath my feet :) The effects were great given they included audience participation.
3los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgWe went back to the top level.
4los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgWe were hurrying to see the Water World show. 
5los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg6los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg7los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgDo you know why these guys were wearing capes? Because they knew that the green benches were marked with a note "you may get wet". If you sat on the usual grey benches, then you would stay dry.
8los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgThe show had started!
9los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg10los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg11los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg12los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg13los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg14los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg15los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg16los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgA burning plane that landed in the pool had effectively completed the scene!
17los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg18los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgActors were burning and falling into the water!
19los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgA tank labeled FUEL was shot through, and the fuel spilled and everything went up in flames! :)
21los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgBut the main characters were saved, they were in love!
I would say that the actors rode the scooters skillfully!
22los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg23los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg24los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgWe went toward the exit.
25los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg26los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpgIf you do not want to leave, you can go to the 

Universal Citywalk

, a bright sparkling street where there are numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, discos, and there are a variety of concerts, shows held. The numerous shops stay open around the clock!
27los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg28los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg29los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg30los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg31los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg32los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg33los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg34los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg35los-angeles-universal-studios-hollywood-p3.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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