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Los Angeles. Universal Studios. P.1

Dmytro Cherkasov • 6 minutes read • January 25th, 2017
Would two days in

Los Angeles

be enough? Doubtful. This is a huge city with lots of attractions. Nevertheless, we tried. Since we were traveling with a young child, the main task for us was a visit to


. We decided to spend the first day in

Universal Studios

, instead of city tours. Because of Hollywood, the dream factory and all that jazz. It was impossible to miss it. Our child was also more interested in attractions than in listening to city history.
Originally there was a farm located on the territory of the studio. Filmmakers just rented premises for filming. Owners of the farm began to let visitors watch the filming process for a fee - to sell their products. Visitors were also given a chicken pie. Of course today there is no farm any more, but one thing has not changed. It is still the acting studio and you can see here the process of filming even now.
Initially, movies were filmed in other places. However after visiting California, directors and producers quickly recognized local benefits. The climate is stable all year round. There's a variety of landscapes - the sea and the desert, forests and mountains. In short, this is almost a paradise for the film production without a break. Therefore, all the major studios have settled here. In this picture you can see Universal scenery in the foreground. Further, there's also Warner Studios and Sony Studios. In contrast to Universal, the last two studios do not entertain the visitors on the territory of their filming liocations.
For example, here are the real offices of producers and various companies. The most conspicuous one, of course, belongs to Hasboro. A huge figure of Mr. Potato from "Toy Story" guards their premises. 
Let's return to the park. There is a fountain dedicated to the film industry workers at the entrance. One of these figures is a disguised actor. Can you guess who it is?
Yes, this is a man that helps to hold a microphone. He slightly turned his head. Can you see that?
City Walk is another place that welcomes you (and sees you off) when you visit the studio. There's a great number of stores, shops and various cafes.
Of course there are many different fast foods, including indispensable Hard Rock Cafe with a guitar at the entrance.
We began our journey from the "Studio Tour". We got in carriages and went for a ride along the film set and past the filming sites listening to studio's history. It is better to sit on the left side - you will see more.
There are various decorations for the filming of scenes in the city. In fact, the building are not so big - they are much smaller than in real life. There is no need to build everything in life-size due to the filming technology. There's nothing inside. Just rooms without any decoration.
Moreover, often there are even no rooms. This is the view of one side of a street from the back side. We've just been there.
This is a parking lot of unusual vehicles from different movies.
You can see posters of movies were these vehicles were filmed behind the cars.
Only DeLorean from "Back to the Future" is absent. Inscription says that it is involved in the production.
You not just listen to a guide during the journey but also look around. If you are lucky, you can see the real filming. If not, you will still feel the atmosphere of the real movie.
With explosions...
Smoke from under the wheels...
And with a real... Well... Almost real race :-)
This is a Mexican town scenery.
It becomes a flood epicenter in just a few seconds.
It was a usual street a moment ago - and now it's a roaring stream. It's very impressive. It seems that the water is about to flood the carriage.
This is a pool where a storm at sea for the King Kong movie was filmed. You can see the scenery of the giant monkey's island on the other side of the pool. That's how it looks like in reality :-)

Let's go further (Los Angeles. Universal Studios. P.2)! 
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Source: dmytrocherkasov.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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