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Los Angeles. Universal Studios. P.2

Dmytro Cherkasov • 6 minutes read • January 25th, 2017
We continue our journey around Universal Studios (Los Angeles. Universal Studios. P.1).

This mess is the studio's pride. Real Boeing 747 was brought here for filming of the "War of the Worlds" movie. Then it was sawed and picturesquely scattered.
In order to make an impression, visitors are told the next: "Can you see that it looks like a real plane? Do you know why it is so realistic? Because this is the real plane!!!". And everyone says "WOW"!!! :-)

There was a really cool moment in a tunnel. We put on 3D glasses when we entered it on the train. There was a fight of King Kong and T-Rex. Everything is happening around you. Carriage shakes and shudders from the blows. The last carriage seems to run off the track. In short, it's really cool. However, it is absolutely useless to shoot this. You won't see anything in the photo.
Then we went through the territory of the studio. Some parts are about certain movies. Here is a small piece of Springfield from "The Simpsons" in real life.
There are also abstract places that don't belong to anything specific, like this French (or rather European) patio.
Well, and this is quite a famous place. Is there anyone who does not know this address in London?
In addition to numerous artists in costumes, sometimes you can see such scene in the park. Two actors with microphones are holding a leisurely dialogue about the events around. This is like a little piece of the real lively streets. By the way, you can easily take pictures with all the characters and absolutely for free.
This hallway leads to one of the most interesting attractions - "Transformers 3D". It was completely useless to shoot anything inside, but believe me, the feeling is very realistic. In my opinion it is one of the best in the park. Participation effect is significantly increased by the fact that the part of the scenery is real and not shot in 3D. In addition, you sit in the chassis that really moves.
This is "Jurassic Park." All dinosaurs here are animatronic, they move their jaws and heads.
At first you just slowly move down a small river.
Then, like in the movie, the mercury is rising. At first, a crushed car falls from the roof...
Then you get into a laboratory building.
Then you fall to the max in the lake from there. People in carriages have very exalted faces at this moment. Many read romantic poems. Or recall the parents of those who created this attraction with a kind word :-)
Of course, we visited the famous "Water World" show with the stunt players. These guys warm up the audience before the beginning of the show. They pitch tribunes against each other periodically spraying spectators with water. By the way, seats that will be poured with water are marked. So if you do not have a "Front Of The Line" ticket, it is better to come here in advance or get ready to be wet. There are special seats in the top rows for out of turn tickets. It's also better to watch the performance from there.
During the show, bad guys attack a peaceful post-apocalyptic settlement. They are driven away with the help of water cannons. However, it's not very effective, because for some reason they are not afraid of water. Nevertheless, the rainbows are beautiful.
Resistance does not last long and "the main bad guy" on a boat with a shotgun bursts in through the open gate.
The main character immediately begins underwater and above water resistance to the invaders.
The heroine, the bearer of valuable information, deftly runs away from the bandits.
At some point, for dramatic effect...
...a hydroplane lands through the wall. By the way, in reality it really looks great. Although when you look at the photo, there's no such impression.
Quite expectedly, good characters subtly destroy "the main bad guy". And he falls from the highest tower. Being on fire. 
Right in a construction with a strange inscription - "Fuel".
It enthuses everyone around. The guy sets the construction on fire.
Well, and the final salute on this occasion. After the show, you can shake a brave charred hands of artists and take pictures as mementos.

Of course, this is not all that we visited that day, but I tried to tell you about the main points. I recommend you to buy the "Front Of The Line" tickets to save time. Of course, they are more expensive, but if you do not have two or three days, they will significantly simplify your acquaintance with the park. And your child will be less tired.
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Source: dmytrocherkasov.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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