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Machans Beach, Queensland

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Machans Beach is a suburb and beach of the Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia. The Barron River marks the southern boundary of Machans Beach. At the 2011 Australian Census the suburb recorded a population of 941.



The area was first surveyed in 1885, but was not permanently settled until the 1920s. It is named after Richard Machan who was among the first permanent white settlers in the area, having purchased land in the 1920s. Using a Model T Ford, Richard Machan provided transportation services to the area. He built a jetty to encourage tourist boats from Cairns to call at nearby Barron Beach.

Machans Beach State School opened on 4 February 1952.

Relationship to airport

Machans Beach is located about 1-2 km north of the Cairns International Airport. Plans to extend the airport in 2011 raised a number of objections from Machans Beach residents in relation to environmental concerns and noise concerns.


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