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Maimón (or Bahia de Maimón, English: Maimón Bay) is a small resort town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic, around 24 km west of San Felipe de Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata). Maimon is a "Natural Monument" in the Dominican Republic; these are areas protected by the Government due to having unique natural aspects or a significant cultural value including caves, areas with monuments or ruins of historical value.

It is home to a 3-hotel RIU complex, which opened in 1998; the hotel complex is in a separate zone to the town itself, which means the Maimón residents do not get many of the benefits the tourism income provides.

RIU hotels are a principal employer for this region, 75% are from Maimon and the other 25% are from other parts of the Maimon region. RIU hotels are committed to this area and they advertise jobs in newspapers in this area.


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