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Malaysian Food

Sergey Dolya • 7 minutes read • April 6th, 2016
Each country has at least one place of interest, not including the capital, and where you don't have to deal with crowds of tourists. Neither will you have to conquer peaks or do some other unimaginable feats. What is more - it is available to everyone. It is the traditional cuisine and today we will see what there is to eat in Malaysia.
So, here is our appetizing dinner: chicken curry, fish curry, eggplant curry, scrambled eggs with curry and chicken soup with curry. If you like this type of seasoning then you will have entered gastronomic ecstasy in Malaysia. If not, you will spend the days fasting and saying goodbye to excess weight, as I did. On the other hand, that can be a good thing . . .
This is a large food court at the night market. There are different food stalls in a circle, where you can try all the different dishes while sitting at one of the open-air tables. Each seller has their own tables; if you sit at the wrong table then you will find out quickly - protection of territory.
The food trucks have no kitchen, as such. Already prepared food is sold there: 
There is a lot of fresh and tasty fish:
This is a "Thermonuclear" soup. I did not even try it because it looked like a lot of seasoning had been used!
There is a clock hanging in the kitchen. It is half past nine. No one eats in the heat of the afternoon, people usually work up an appetite as night falls:
There are skewers with all sorts of meat and vegetables. Something is strange in the right hand corner; apparently, these skewers lived their life somewhere nearby:
I did not take many risks when it came to trying food but our freinds ate everything thy laid eyes on! It seems they lived out their culinary experience:
To avoid being accused of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to try the food at a simple place, even though there are a lot of cool restaurants in Malaysia. Here is one of them. Before you enter the room and sit down at a table, waiters present your future menu options: 
Once you have selected a specimen you like, it is taken to the kitchen and prepared for you. Unfortunately, the cost and my pity did not guarantee a good result. We were served tasteless lobster, and shrimp, that had basically been overdone in unsalted water:
There were no long preludes in another place we went to, but the results were far better. Please note: the pineapple is used as a plate for the rice, chicken and nuts. I liked it:
Curry is everywhere. Just water for me, thank you: 
We tried vegetables, fish and chicken on Monkey beach. Actually, you will also find mutton here, even though chicken is the most popular meat. The beach meal included a small game element called "Protect your plate from the monkeys":
Here’s sweet corn heated in butter. Perfect for a quick and nourishing snack. Do not be confused by this man's look, his face changed as soon as he first tasted it!  
This is chicken seasoned in red spices. I don’t know how it tastes though, since I did not try it:
Refreshing coconuts:
Here are all sorts of odds and ends, cooked in batter:
These guys are on Facebook. Very advanced! 
This display was rather strange; it was either fruits, vegetables or a semi-finished product of both. We couldn't figure it out:
Let me show you the shopping malls:
Cafes with a pass-through are very popular. There you take a tray and bypass all the shelves and counters, imposing the snacks:
This is a kitchen where hot dish are prepared on the spot:
There is no menu pictured but you can see all of the dishes on display:
It is hidden under cling-film so that no one can touch the food.
Here are the desserts:
Perhaps, you have noticed, these restaurants do not have any customers near them, only bored vendors: 
Below are different kinds of noodles that turn to soup once submerged in hot water. The Malaysian version of instant noodles:
Some sellers do not get creative: they sell sausages, fried in sauce:
Some Peking Duck:
Here are more desserts:
I ordered spinach (it turned out to be terribly spicy, so I couldn’t eat it), and sweet and sour chicken, which was ok: 
Due to the country's proximity to China, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. We could not pass all of them so we visited one. There were snacks on the table - shark fin soup, cucumbers and battered mushrooms:
Of course, we ordered the Peking duck. The serving process was a ritual. First, a tray is placed under the duck:
Then the of the meal is presented:
Then a cute girl cuts off the duck's skin:
The waiter makes ducks rolls that leave the diner to do nothing but dip the roll into plum sauce:
Then we were served chopped chicken and a large plate of pasta with chicken. By that time I was so full that I only ate lightly. The pasta was incredibly tasty. Every time I'm hungry, I remember this dish (we barely even touched it):
In general, Malay cuisine is quite specific but anyone can find something to satisfy their appetite. What cuisine do you like the best? Tell me.
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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