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Malecón, Puerto Vallarta

splanade, walking

The Malecón is a 12-block, mile-long esplanade in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.


The walkway features numerous sculptures, including:

  • La nostalgia (English: "Nostalgia") by Ramiz Barquet
  • En busca de la razón (English: "In Search of Reason") by Sergio Bustamante
  • La rotonda del Mar (English: "Rotunda of the Sea") by Alejandro Colunga
  • El sutil comepiedras by Jonás Gutiérrez
  • Obras como los milenios by Mathis Lidice
  • The Fish Sellers' Mosaic by Manuel Lepe
  • Naturaleza como madre by Adrián Reynoso
  • Origen y destino by Pedro Tello
  • El caballito de mar by Rafael Zamarripa.

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