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Mallorca - Arta, Capdepera, Colonia de Sant Pere. P.2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • August 9th, 2016
After walking around the town of Arta, we arrived in the town of Capdepera and got to the medieval


at the top of the hill (Mallorca - Arta, Capdepera, Colonia de Sant Pere. P.1).
I don't remember the cost of the entrance, but something about 3 Euros.
This fortress is the biggest one among those that has remained in


There are many different wild birds of prey in this tower - falcons, owls, eagles, hawks, etc.! And sometimes, you can even watch them "at work" - they are let to hunt! We did not see it, we came not in time, but there was a woman gate-keeper speaking several languages and we were happy to communicate with her - we found out a lot of things for ourselves!!!
We liked the castle (or the fortress?) because there were almost no tourists (maybe, we were lucky) and we could leisurely look at everything and ask about everything.
We were especially interested in the habits of large owls - we have some owls at home that are even not squeamish about cats!!! Brrr....
Like this one, which is winking))).
Just look at these dandies!
35mallorca-arta-capdepera-colonia-de-sant-pere.jpg36mallorca-arta-capdepera-colonia-de-sant-pere.jpgThere is the church Nuestra Senyora de la Esperanza in the north of the castle.
And here are more pictures from there...
Here are views.
The best views are from the roof of the church!
Currently, only the Governor's House of the XIX century and the House of the Lady have been preserved inside the walls.
There is some strange museum in the Governor's House.
And here's one of houses not in the fortress, but in the town itself.
Someone very creative lives there))).
After that, we went towards the north coast.
Here are pictures taken on the way to it.
Here are Colonia de Sant Pere and Son Serra.
I read that there are not many tourists in these places and they are quite authentic.
There were really a little of tourists.
Restaurants were empty... But they were open.
And someone already parked here.
There is a small marina nearby.
And here are more pictures from there.
There are really LOTS of windmills on


!!! But mainly, they do not operate, I thought so... Especially, there are a lot of them at the airport.
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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