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Malta. The island country. Fortresses, antiquities and rarity buses. P1

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016


, situated in the center of the sea routes connecting Europe, Asia and Africa, have always attracted conquerors. In the 8th century BC, 


was colonized by the Phoenicians and Greeks at the same time. Then, Malta was taken by the Persian Empire. Later, it was conquered by the Carthagenians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards and so on. In 1530, Emperor Karl V gave Malta to the Joanites, an ecclesiastical nightly order known as the Malthusian Order. And on the September 5 1800, the capital of Malta, Valetta, was taken by the British who planted their flag as a symbol of the takeover.  Malta was ruled by the British till the second half of the 20th century, when in 1964, Malta became independent from Great Britain and in 1974, it was proclaimed a republic. However, up until 1979, when the last British Naval base was liquidated, the Queen remained the ruler. Today, Malta is a tiny country in the middle of the Mediterranean, that you can visit on vacation or spend the day exploring during a cruise.  

We were about to enter the narrow and snaky port of 

Valetta, which was

surrounded by ancient buildings, fortresses and other strongholds by a huge liner. It was an impressive process.  
1-malta-p1.jpg2-malta-p1.jpg3-malta-p1.jpg4-malta-p1.jpg5-malta-p1.jpg6-malta-p1.jpg7-malta-p1.jpg8-malta-p1.jpgWhen we moored, we saw the Norwegian "Ocean Commander", connected with the oil and gas industry in Alesund. We were there a year ago. Alesund was a very nice place!
9-malta-p1.jpgThis was the cruise terminal
10-malta-p1.jpgAfter the ship docked, we started exploring the island. There were a lot of different activities available, from win tasting to trips around the island itself. I chose a tour around Valetta, as well as the city of Mdina.

This was our first stop.  
11-malta-p1.jpgSituated on a hill, old city of Mdina impressed us with its streets, architecture untouched by time and a huge cathedral, which was destroyed several centuries ago by a powerful earthquake, but reconstructed soon after.
12-malta-p1.jpg13-malta-p1.jpg14-malta-p1.jpg15-malta-p1.jpg16-malta-p1.jpg17-malta-p1.jpg18-malta-p1.jpgThis was the beautiful view waiting for us at the top of the fort walls of Mdina. Malta is really tiny island.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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