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Maputo City, The Capital Of Mozambique

Isurok • 3 minutes read • February 19th, 2017
1maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgThis is


2maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgIt is the municipal market. The building was built by the Portuguese in 1903 as a shopping arcade.
3maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgThis is the central railway station. It was designed by Eiffel, the same famous man. The trains run regularly. In the evenings, there are several cafes and a dance floor are open.
4maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgHere's the Government House (

Maputo City Hall

). The ground is asphalted around. It's clean and there are a lot of policemen in civilian clothes.
5maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgHere's Samora Machel Monument at the entrance of the park of the same name in the city center. The local park is considered a restless place. I walked there, but I did not notice anything.
6maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgThis building embodies a striking example of the colonial Portuguese architecture.
7maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpgThis mosque is absolutely new.
8maputo-city-the-capital-mozambique.jpg At the end of my walk through the city, I came across a Thai restaurant, where I tasted a tasty dish with huge shrimps.
Author: Isurok
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