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Marine World Uminonakamichi

Natural sights
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Marine World Uminonakamichi (マリンワールド海の中道, Marin-wārudō-Uminonakamichi) is a public aquarium in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.


The aquarium focuses on the aquatic life of Tsushima's warm current and is made up of a total of 70 tanks. The three largest contain 2,000 m3 (530,000 US gal), 1,400 m3 (370,000 US gal) and 720 m3 (190,000 US gal) respectively. The largest is used for dolphin and sea lion shows, the middle contains more than 120 sharks of 20 species, while the last is for dolphins.

Other marine mammals at the aquarium include sea otters and spotted seals.


  • Marine Theater (Show Pool)

A popular dolphin show is held every day at this all-weather with a seating capacity of 1,465. Visitors can enjoy watching the dolphins jump up amazingly high and go through the hoops, or the humorous performance of sea lions with the blue sea of Hakata Bay in the background.


  • By train: 7-minute walk from JR Umi-no-Nakamichi Station on the Kashii Line.
  • By bus: 5-minute walk from Marine World Uminonakamichi bus stop.
  • By ferry: Take municipal ferry from Bayside Place to Uminonakamichi. Or, take Uminaka ferry line from Momochi (Marizon) to Uminonakamichi.

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