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Maritime Day In Sydney

Anich • 4 minutes read • November 24th, 2016
1maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgIn the morning, we went to the


fish market to have breakfast with fresh seafood.
This is a suspension

Bridge Anzac

Curiously, this is the third bridge, which was built on this site. It was opened in 1995.
2maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgHere some photos of goods in the fish market.
3maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg4maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgWe decided to have breakfast right in the market.
5maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg6maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg7maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg8maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg9maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg10maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgAfter the breakfast, we went to the National Maritime Museum.
11maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgThis is a view of the city.
12maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgThis is a copy of HMS Endeavour vessel, steered by James Cook.
13maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgWe made a tour through the vessel.
14maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgHere's a dining cabin. Note that the tables are tied to the ceiling with thick ropes.
15maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgThis is a cabin for having rest.
16maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgHere's a part of a deck.
17maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgThis is another exhibit of the museum - Onslow submarine.
18maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg19maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg20maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgHere's a vessel made of beer cans.
21maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgAfter the museum, we went boating in Sydney's harbor.


and Harbour Bridge serve a visiting card of Sydney.
23maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgThis is Denison Fort.
Earlier, there was a jail on this place. The most dangerous criminals were imprisoned there.
Nowadays, the fort is part of the harbor's national park.
24maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg25maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg26maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgHere's one of the residential areas of the city.
27maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgIf you wish, you can ascend the bridge. We will make a tour during the next our trip to Sydney.
28maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg29maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg30maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgHere's "Bangarra" dance theater. Bangarra in one of the Aboriginal languages means "to build up fire".
31maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg32maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg33maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg34maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg35maritime-day-in-sydney.jpg36maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgLater, we went to Seven Shillings Beach. This is a cozy place without big waves in comparison with Sydney's Bondi Beach.
37maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgAs there are quite a lot of sharks in Australia, there are such protective nets.
38maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgIn the evening, we had delicious dinner.
39maritime-day-in-sydney.jpgUnfortunately, we had little time to spend it in Sydney. So, I hope to come back there again.
Author: Anich
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