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May Day In Saint Petersburg

River Pilgrim • 5 minutes read • December 4th, 2016
1may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgIn this review, you can find photos of my recent May visit to

St. Petersburg

. Each time I come in that city, I take a walk along the embankment of Schmidt on Vasilyevsky Island. Here's the Monument to Krusenstern in the photo above.
There's s a moorage of vessels by the embankment of Schmidt. Here they come from the sea and the seaport. Sometimes there are up to 10 ships.
In the photo, there's a local (not transit) fleet, which is based here permanently.
2may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThere's a branch of the World Ocean Museum on board the icebreaker "Krasin". It is said to be very interesting.
3may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThat is a submarine C-189 Project 613, moored at the embankment of Schmidt and converted into a museum.
4may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgApparently, that is an acting submarine. It was moored the pier of the plant "Admiralty Shipyards".
5may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's Baltic Shipyard. Floating base or something like that "Mikhail Lomonosov".
6may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHaving inspected the vessels on Bolshaya Neva River, I crossed Vasilevsky Island and got to Malaya Neva. Here on the waterfront of Makarov, there's a parking of speed fleet assembled in St. Petersburg of all the major rivers (Volga, Don, Kama, etc.), where there's no work for the vessels. Now these vessels operate on routes from the city center to the suburbs (Peterhof, Kronstadt, etc.)
7may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgAfter the inspection of the fleet, we moved further.

Smolny Cathedral

has a good observation deck, which is less crowded than the one on Saint Isaac's Cathedral. Moreover, here are beautiful views as well.
8may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's Rastrelli Square, Shpalernaya street.
9may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThere's Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (RIRT):
10may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's detention facility No.1 "Crosses". Church of Alexander Nevsky.
11may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThere's Leningrad Metal Plant (branch of JSC "Power Machines"). Vyborg Heating and Power Plant (HPP-17).
12may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's machine-building plant "Arsenal" - the building of the plant is located on the Arsenal waterfront. Judging by the comments on Wikimapia, it is not operating, and the area is leased.
13may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's Sverdlov embankment, villa of earl Bezborodko, which is now an interdistrict TB Dispensary.
14may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThere's one of the buildings of the Leningrad Metal Plant (hydraulic turbines assembly department, test station..)
15may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's business center "Benoit" at the corner of Piskaryovskyi Avenue and Sverdlov embankment.
16may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is 21-storied office of the Bank "Saint-Petersburg" on Malookhtinsky Avenue. There's the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge

. There's a dry self-propelled scow of "Nevsky" type going below the bridge span. These vessels were built from 1983 to 1994 on the Nevsky Shipyard in Shlisserburge specifically for passage without drawing of bridges. Due to the decrease of the level of freights, many of them have been sold to Europe, and now work even in South America (Paraguay).
18may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's Suvorov Avenue. There's an apartment house of Strelin A.M.
19may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThere's Vasileostrovkaya (named after Vasilyevsky Island) HPP No.7.
Here's a view from Smolny Cathedral of Saint Isaac's Cathedral
21may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's Saint Petersburg State University.
22may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is The Prince St. Vladimir's Cathedral:
23may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's a view of the Kunstkamera (the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) and the Stock Exchange.
24may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's a part of the Winter Palace and the Saint Petersburg Mosque:
25may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's the Church of the Resurrection by Smolensk cemetery. You can see the unloading crane of the Vasileostrovsky cargo terminal (in Malaya Neva). Northwest HPP.
26may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgVoznesenkyi Avenue.
27may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's the Church of the Resurrection on the Obvodny Canal.
28may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgThere's Marine Epiphany Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the hotel "Azimut".
29may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's Alexander Column on Palace Square.
30may-day-in-saint-petersburg.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Zoozi

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