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Mayan Ruins Of The Yucatan. Progreso, Mexico

wwworld • 5 minutes read • November 16th, 2016
I'm going to tell about my weekend in Mexico, during which I visited the famous Maya ruins (pyramids) in the suburbs of 


 in the Mexican state Yucatan:
1mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgFirst, I went to a Yucatec - the Maya archaeological site of Ek' Balam. This is the former city of the Mayan civilization, which existed from the 3rd century BC.
2mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgNowadays, there's a museum anyone can visit for $6.50 (as of 2015).
3mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThe main pyramid of Ek' Balam is a majestic building with lots of steps.
4mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgUnlike most of the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, which are forbidden to ascend for several years on the strong recommendation of UNESCO, there were no such restrictions in Ek' Balam, so you can climb the pyramid.
5mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgFrom above, at a height of 98 feet (30 meters), there's a view of the Acropolis and a small pyramid, which is also called the "twin pyramid".
6mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgIt is much more difficult to descend: the steps are quite high (15-19 inches/ 40-50 cm each) and narrow. People have to go down sideways, or turn their body as they ascend.
7mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgEveryone should be especially careful, as one awkward movement is enough to fly down the millennial stairs from the height of the tenth floor. I doubt you would like it.
8mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThe main Mayan pyramid complex not far from Ek' Balam

Chichen Itza

. It is translated as the "mouth of the well of water sorcerers". Now it is a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world.
9mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThe entrance ticket cost about $11 (as of 2015).
10mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgOne can order the services of a guide. Note that the prices are indicated in Mexican peso.
11mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg12mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThe Temple of Kukulkan (

El Castillo

) is the main structure in the city of Maya. This is a nine-story pyramid, 78 feet (24 meters) tall with broad staircases on each side.
13mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgDuring the spring and autumn equinoxes, at about 3 pm, the sun's rays illuminate the western balustrade of the main staircase of the pyramid in such a way that the light and shadows form the image of seven isosceles triangles constituting the body of a 121 foot (37-meter) tall snake, "creeping" along with the sun toward its own head carved at the base of the stairs.
15mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThis is the Temple of Warriors:
16mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg 17mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg18mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgTourists mostly crowded together around the main pyramid. If you clap your hands a little apart from the western stairs, the pyramid will respond with a heavy echo.
19mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThere were souvenirs sold around.
20mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg21mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThis is a large field for ball games:
22mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThe ball games were quite bloodthirsty for Maya at Chichen Itza: the losing team was subject to direct killing in the same field at the end of a special sacrificial site. If the local Bishop was "supportive", only the captain of the losing team was killed, by decapitation.
23mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThere were other, partially destroyed buildings in Chichen Itza:
25mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgNext day I went to Uxmal - a small town about an hour from Merida.
26mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThere were plenty of varans.
27mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThe main pyramid of Uxmal impressed me the most:
28mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg29mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg30mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgThere's also an ancient field for ball games.
31mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg32mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg33mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg34mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg35mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg36mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpg37mayan-ruins-of-the-yucatan-progreso-mexico.jpgI was very impressed with the pyramids.
Author:  wwworld
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