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Medieval Museum In Sanluri. Sardinia

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 17th, 2016
I was lucky to get to accidentally find this museum. Even though Sanluri city in 


 was on our way from the west coast to the south. I read in a guidebook that this museum has a wonderful collection (the largest in Europe!) of wax figures throughout the years 1500-1800. And it turned out that the owner was working that day (which in itself was a success, as it is only opens on Sundays). So - why not call?
I didn't even think that this museum would be a real gem with very interesting (for me personally) exhibits, nor that the owner of this extraordinary Marquis Villasanta castle would show me around.
1museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgPerhaps very few people decided to go there specifically because the museum is located far from the central tourist areas, and only open on Sundays. And probably the owners of the museum were very surprised to see me early in the morning (it was a little after 10 a.m.) standing on the threshold of the house. It's the only Castle Museum in Sardinia, where the owners still live! By the way, the castle has a rather long history...It was built around the 13th century and many famous people and kings lived there. The castle has witnessed battles and sieges, successes and deaths of famous historical figures.
But I was impressed by the diligent and hearty collection of the museum. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to render the storm of emotions that this castle raised in me...
So let tell about the things you can find in this castle.
2museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgFirst of all, there was a collection of wax figures.
3museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgThese wax figures were popular in 1500-1800!
4museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg5museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgThere were plenty of these incredible figures and the collection was constantly replenished.
6museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgAnd I guarantee that you will be taken to the roof of the castle, where you can enjoy the wonderful and expansive views :)
In other rooms of the museum, there were exhibitions of military artifacts.
There were so many interesting things that I could have stayed there for a week!!! 
7museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg8museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg9museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg10museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg11museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg12museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg13museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg14museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg15museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg16museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg17museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg18museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgThere was a wonderful patio.
19museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg20museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg21museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg22museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg23museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg24museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg25museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg26museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg27museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg28museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg29museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpg30museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgThe castle was wonderful! And its hosts were very hospitable. Their collections were also interesting :)
It was easy to find. Our navigator led us directly to the walls of the castle. There was even a "landmark"...
31museuminsanluri-sardinia.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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