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Mediterranean & West Europe

This is a fantastic region with ancient history that had a large influence on civilizations all over the world. This is a cradle for unique cultures that amaze people’s minds and attract in their nets. This is a world of heavenly rest and unforgettable impressions. This is the Mediterranean!
The Mediterranean joins Eurasian and African countries along with numerous islands and archipelagos (Cyprus, Crete, Sicily, Corsica and many others). The region can make boast of its more than 4 million km2 area and etesian climate with rainy winters and warm dry summers. Such weather conditions not only the most comfortable for the organisms but also have a beneficial influence on them.
The Mediterranean Basin gathered on its shores some from the most ancient and mighty civilizations – each of us have thoroughly learned the incredible histories of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Phoenicia, etc. These great cultures experienced prosperity, cruel wars, colonization periods and many other magnificent events that became determinative for the further development of the Mediterranean and of the whole world. It can be rightly considered the most developed region of the Ancient World – its heart and brain. And it has managed to maintain such an influence till our days.
Exciting history, perfect climate conditions, mind-bending views and a whole sea of things to do make Mediterranean cruises one from the most popular among the tourists. And be sure that you also won’t be able to hold your ground before this indescribable beauty!
Spain and Italy, Greece and Cyprus, Morocco and Malta – aren’t these countries the real oasis for the blend of complete relaxation and cognition of something new?! Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Barcelona – aren’t these cities the personification of power and eternity?! Your unforgettable Mediterranean cruise will open you the gates in other universes full of emotions and feelings!
Visiting the Mediterranean ports can be a part of one from the Europe cruises. You can combine romance and passion, extreme and relaxation, luxurious accommodations on the cruise ship and magnificent ancient ruins of ports cities.
Multicolored Amsterdam, cosmopolitan Nice, ancient Athens, picturesque Ajaccio and charming Venice are ready to make each cruise in Europe the best one in your life. You’ll be quite smitten with the Sistine Chapel, Topkapi Palace, Parthenon, Alexandria’s library and many other incredible landmarks. What can be better than sitting in a hideaway in Lisbon, shopping in Barcelona, relaxing on the beaches of Mykonos or clubbing on Ibiza?! It’s just impossible to list all activities this region have prepared for its guests – sightseeing and eco tours, winery and cuisine degustation, extreme adventures and various offers for the whole family.
And nobody will be disappointed after taking one from the chic West Europe cruises. Get a unique chance to visit main European capitals – London, Paris and Amsterdam, – find yourself on the heavenly Canary Islands and in Morocco, unthread all secrets of Dublin and Cornwall, Plymouth and Edinburgh.  
Your breathtaking Mediterranean and Europe cruise is the best way to explore this region, understand it and feel its taste and smell. Fantastic architecture, world’s famous museums and galleries, inimitable cuisine and fascinating resorts – all this won’t leave you indifferent. All this is your road to bright and harmonious life!

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