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Melanesia. Fiji. P1

xorolik • 4 minutes read • June 18th, 2016
It was time to visit Melanesia! Fall is a great time to visit the islands of Fiji, so we decided to go there.
1melanesia-fiji.jpgBula! :) 
Bula is a traditional Fijian greeting.
Let me tell you a little about 


Fiji (the Republic of the Fiji islands) is a former British colony located in the archipelago of Fiji in the South Pacific to the north of New Zealand and to the north-east of Australia.
Fiji consists of 333 islands and only the third of them is inhabited. Viti Levu is the main island of the country where the capital of Fiji, Suva, is located. We arrived in Nadi, the third largest city of Fiji. The main international airport is situated in Nadi. Its population is 10 thousand people. People mainly work at the airport or the hotel industry. There is also a sea 

port Denarau

 from where you can get to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.
Flag of Fiji (including the British flag) is blue.
2melanesia-fiji.jpgHere’s a map of the Fiji Islands.

3melanesia-fiji.jpgWe ate dinner in our hotel and met new people every day. Usually, they were couples or families. Our hotel had a big list of events or activities to have a good time on the island. There was a tour to the village, into the cave, and snorkeling.
4melanesia-fiji.jpg5melanesia-fiji.jpg6melanesia-fiji.jpgLocals came to our hotel, and they made a performance, hung garlands of flowers on everybody, and then everyone shook hands and said thank you to every traveler. Also, a choir came one day. They were singing beautifully! There were crab races twice, and open-air cinema with popcorn. Romantic! :)
7melanesia-fiji.jpg8melanesia-fiji.jpg9melanesia-fiji.jpgOne evening there was a huge bonfire on the beach and a fire show. It was stunning!
10melanesia-fiji.jpgThis is a kava ceremony!
Kava (yagona root) is a plant a little bigger than a man’s height. It is grown on plantations around 


. Kava is planted and reaped every 5 years. The stems and roots are dried in the sun and then it is pounded into a powder from which the drink is prepared. The drink has a color of dirty water.
Its taste is easily astringent and it causes numbness of the tongue and drowsiness. Kava is scooped with a coconut shell. After you drink it, you need to shout "Bula" and clap your hands three times. People drink kava on all occasions. We could try it every night in our hotel but once was enough for us! :)
11.jpg12melanesia-fiji.jpg13melanesia-fiji.jpg14melanesia-fiji.jpg15melanesia-fiji.jpg16melanesia-fiji.jpgThe reef is excellent! It was close to the hotel, and it’s very long. Corals are beautiful and full of different kinds of fish.
17melanesia-fiji.jpg18melanesia-fiji.jpg19melanesia-fiji.jpg20melanesia-fiji.jpg21melanesia-fiji.jpg22melanesia-fiji.jpg23melanesia-fiji.jpg24melanesia-fiji.jpg25melanesia-fiji.jpg26melanesia-fiji.jpg27melanesia-fiji.jpg28melanesia-fiji.jpg29melanesia-fiji.jpg30melanesia-fiji.jpg31melanesia-fiji.jpg32melanesia-fiji.jpg33melanesia-fiji.jpg34melanesia-fiji.jpg35melanesia-fiji.jpg36melanesia-fiji.jpgMelanesia. Fiji. P2
Author: xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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