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Melanesia. Fiji. P2

xorolik • 3 minutes read • June 18th, 2016
We continue our trip in the 

Port Denarau

, Fiji. Here are more photos of the beach.
37melanesia-fiji.jpg38melanesia-fiji.jpg39melanesia-fiji.jpg40melanesia-fiji.jpg41melanesia-fiji.jpg42melanesia-fiji.jpg43melanesia-fiji.jpg44melanesia-fiji.jpg45melanesia-fiji.jpg46melanesia-fiji.jpg47melanesia-fiji.jpg48melanesia-fiji.jpgThe sunset was the most beautiful.
49melanesia-fiji.jpg50melanesia-fiji.jpg51melanesia-fiji.jpg52melanesia-fiji.jpgHere’s a view of the bay from the mountain.
53melanesia-fiji.jpg54melanesia-fiji.jpg55melanesia-fiji.jpg56melanesia-fiji.jpgHere are local flora and fauna.
57melanesia-fiji.jpg58melanesia-fiji.jpg59melanesia-fiji.jpg60melanesia-fiji.jpg61melanesia-fiji.jpgHere’s plumeria.
62melanesia-fiji.jpg63melanesia-fiji.jpgThese are the papaya flowers.
64melanesia-fiji.jpgHere are the fruits of papaya.
65melanesia-fiji.jpgThis is a female mantis. I saw it lying on the beach towel when I came out of the water.
66melanesia-fiji.jpg67melanesia-fiji.jpgAnd this bug was lying on the sand with its legs up, and could not turn over. I saved it, photographed and safely sent to a palm tree:
68melanesia-fiji.jpg69melanesia-fiji.jpgYou can travel on a catamaran to the 



Mamanuca islands

. We had a transfer on a catamaran on our way back.
70melanesia-fiji.jpg71melanesia-fiji.jpg72melanesia-fiji.jpg73melanesia-fiji.jpgHere you can buy black pearls, local spices, cosmetics made of coconut, and the main souvenir is a cannibal fork :) Fijians are brave and warlike people who used to be cannibals, and now they are open and very friendly :).
Cannibalism in Fiji disappeared by the middle of the 19th century after wars stopped and most of the population accepted Christianity.
74melanesia-fiji.jpgMelanesia. Fiji. P1
Author: xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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