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Melbourne. Winemaking And Zoo

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 5th, 2016
A leisurely stroll through the wine-growing plantations after dinner is so nice... So beautiful!

After dinner and acquaintance with the peculiarities of Australian winemaking, we take the bus again and continue the route.
From winemaking regions located outside the city limits, we go back to 


. We will walk through the zoo. It's drizzling again - however, the rain is not so strong this time.

Tourists are greeted by a huge statue either of the eagle or of some other similar proud bird:

And by a poster, which states that the use of recycled for the second time toilet paper allows you to preserve the population of the legendary Snake Bao Bao that is less common nowadays in the rice fields.

And now let's go from the Snake Bao Bao to ostriches:

Koala is an unusually charming teddy bear who loves to eat leaves. However, it has such a typical beer belly that any sane enthusiast will have certain doubts as to their vegetarian diet.

But everything is clear with echidna - it thoroughly smudges with its elongated nose the tray with some porridge being carefully covered with netting inside the stub:

From echidna we turn to kangaroos - now we'll see how the national symbol lives in this region!

Huge red kangaroo is the largest mammal in Australia:

And these are its smaller relatives...

Such a philosopher...

Watching the feeding of little kangaroos is a very entertaining activity...

Here is one of the numerous giant eucalypts:

And this is the Australian Snake Bao Bao - for some reason, it has some kind of haggard appearance. 

And here are pelicans...

And another kangaroo-philosopher:

Here's a sleeping wombat, or some other local marsupial creation:

Here are several reptiles:

The most powerful and ancient eucalypti are marked with signs of their age - this eucalyptus, for example, is 250 years old, and it remembers those days when the first European settlers landed on the coast of Australia.

And this one is a little younger - it's 200 years old.

This is the end of our walk around 

Melbourne Zoo

, as well as the end of the tour through 

Melbourne. G

lancing once more at the Olympic stadium and skyscrapers lined up along the banks of the Yarra River, we go back to the port where "Diamond Princess" is waiting for us.

Here are some slightly rainy panoramas from the top deck of the ship:

It was the final port of our cruise - it's sad...

We follow the sea channel in the gray misty rainy veil:

We saw another ferry from Tasmania:

We throw a farewell glance at Melbourne, and soon the ship leaves astern sea buoys of the entrance to the Melbourne approach channel:

After a few hours, we come closer to the exit from the huge Port Phillip Bay...

Soon the bay is left behind - after a little while, we'll go out into the sea. We begin our final voyage to Sydney with the length of 546 nautical miles (983 kilometers).
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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