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Mexican Beaches

wwworld • 3 minutes read • November 2nd, 2016
I was lucky to visit a few Mexican beaches, so let me tell you about them a little. I defined a few types of Mexican beaches: wild beaches, local beaches and beaches of the "Hotelier's Zone", as I call it - tourist beaches.
1mexican-beaches.jpgHere's one of the wild beaches, not far from Cancun.
2mexican-beaches.jpg3mexican-beaches.jpgThe water of the Caribbean sea was amazing!
4mexican-beaches.jpgIguanas were resting here also. 
5mexican-beaches.jpgThere are private beaches (for example, hotel beaches), and there are public beaches. Public beaches are free. And only residents (of a hotel) are allowed to go to the private beaches, or sometimes even locals, for a small fee.

Playa del Carmen

is a resort city 43 miles (70 km) south of Cancun. It is located opposite the island of 


7mexican-beaches.jpgPeople here spoke English freely.
8mexican-beaches.jpg9mexican-beaches.jpg10mexican-beaches.jpgThere were lots of people on the 

Playa del Carmen

11mexican-beaches.jpg12mexican-beaches.jpg13mexican-beaches.jpg14mexican-beaches.jpgThere is the Hotel Zone in Cancun (or "Hotelier's Zone") - 9 miles (15 km) away. Main tourist hotels in the resort city are located there.
15mexican-beaches.jpg16mexican-beaches.jpgThe Hotelier's Zone also had three free public beaches.
17mexican-beaches.jpg18mexican-beaches.jpg19mexican-beaches.jpg20mexican-beaches.jpgOnce I visited a beach for locals. It was located 12 miles (20 km) north of Cancun. It was a private beach. Entry tickets cost $2 (as of 2015). The price includes the use of umbrellas and chairs (sun beds are not provided).
21mexican-beaches.jpg Author:  wwworld
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