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Miami. Beach.

River Pilgrim • 4 minutes read • September 17th, 2015
You won't find here Latin quarters, financial centers, but you will see a lot of luxury housing, hotels, bars on one side, and nearby South Beach, or the 

Miami Beach

, on the other side. I invite you to take a virtual walk around the districts and get to know the city through the pictures.

Miami Beach 

is situated on the peninsula, you can quickly reach it from the city center, but during the day there could be some difficulties.

There are plenty of yachts and boats.

Many residential complexes of various types, the level of luxury and cost.

The main street of the peninsula - Ocean Drive.

Hotels, cafes, and restaurants are on the left side of the street.

There are thousands of people, hundreds of cars, constant noise and crowd.

On the other side - miles of the long beach.

Do not drink and drive.

After strolling along the beach (it was chilly to swim), we went to an interesting event. It was a Saturday evening and a dozen of spectators gathered on the waterfront.

They showed this.

Passenger liners were starting their cruises. Here, for example, departing 'Norwegian Epic'  that is one of the top three world's largest liners at the moment. Almost all of them have the same routes - the Caribbean.

Not a simple departure, but with the guard.

Suddenly, 'something' was passing by, but... was quickly arrested.


Pilots that accompanied the ship from the port are coming back.

After 'ship-spotting' we came back to Ocean Drive. They say in the evening light, it's absolutely another world and another life. Controversial, it's all the same, just with illumination. Yes, and twice as many people.

People are everywhere. There are no available places in the cafe, restaurants and clubs - there are lines at the entrance, near the house of the murdered Versace was the crowd like near the Lenin's mausoleum. And it was very noisy - music was everywhere. They say it is exactly the whole point of this place.

This was the end of our acquaintance with 


Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Gian Luka

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