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Miami. Central Part of the City and Port.

River Pilgrim • 5 minutes read • September 17th, 2015

Acquaintance with 


 we started from the district where our hotel was: central part of the city, its business and financial center. We chose the hotel because of its coast (acceptable) and transport infrastructure there.

But with the rest of the infrastructure things are not so good. Banks, offices, offices, banks. We were walking there early in the morning, really wanted coffee and something to eat. And saw nothing on the way. 

A minute from the hotel, there is a Metromover stop. It is a monorail connecting the financial center of the city with other districts. Convenient hours, free of charge, runs frequently and even offers free WiFi.

Due to the fact that the road runs on the bridges, it is very convenient to explore the city. In about an hour you can visit all the main lines and get an idea of where to go and what to see.

Inside. We traveled in the morning, afternoon and evening. There are always not too many people. 

The train is automatic, without a driver. At the stations from the staff, there is only a camcorder.

There are not only business and financial organizations in the central part. There are also residential areas. Here's one of the complexes. It is located on the 

Miami River


Rescue service arrived on a call. One member from the group of cyclists who were crossing the bridge, apparently, didn't fit into the dimensions and met with a pillar. The accident caused a traffic jam on the river, because it is navigable, and the bridge is sliding.

The river itself is pretty navigable. Yachts and boats pass almost constantly. There are also large vessels, with marine grade. They are accompanied by tugs. View, by the way, from the hotel room.

After a walk in the city, we went to the waterfront: to admire the port and ships, and to look at the city from the water during the sailing tour.

Port of Miami 

- one from the biggest in the USA. Both in terms of freight turnover,

and of passenger turnover.

Several central offices of the largest cruise companies are located in the city. (F.e. Royal Caribbean)

Bayside is a trade and market complex with dozens of different shops and snack bars. Here you can buy tickets on the city tourist bus (bought) and sail on the boat around the port (sailed).

On the promenade, you can admire different-sized fleet. Both marine...

...and air ...which land just above the heads.

Or you can just walk or sit down - it's quiet, calm and fresh.

Sailing-tours around the port, along with the tour-bus, are the best options to see the city. There are many trips, the choice of vessels is also great: from pirate layouts to regular cruisers. Not a lot of people, the price is affordable.

And some more views of the city.

Business center. View from the promenade.

Two bridges and a plane. Second bridge - the lucent one - connects the city with the port, located on the island.

Cargo port.

Promenade and Ocean.

And we're coming back again. Miami River and residential complexes.
Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Gian Luka

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