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Miami. P.2.

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • August 26th, 2015
Second day in 


began as cloudlessly as the first one had finished.
The weather was nice, so I planned to go to the beach for the first half of the day, and after lunch I made a trip to downtown.
Because I booked the hotel a walking distance from the beach, it took me only one and a half minute to get to it. By the way, I recommend - Edgewater South Beach Hotel, very reasonable money (at least when I was there), great location. In the photo is the hotel itself. The three-storeyed facade, the back side of the hotel is five-storeyed:

The room is the easiest and cheapest one, but very spacious. Soundproofing is gorgeous, because of this each room has a home cinema - listen to the music as long as you want!

There is even a mini-kitchen near the front door:

Decent bathroom:

Well, it's enough about the hotel, let's go outside!

Homeless people usually sleep under the palm trees. Despite the strong wind from the ocean, the temperature at night doesn't drop below 60-68 degrees (+16-20 Celsius), so you can sleep on the grass:

Morning beach isn't crowded:

Seagulls are fighting for food:

Another plane is taking tourists to their homes:

Someone wrote something:

Unfortunately by lunch-time clouds from the West crawled at the sky. Nevertheless, I decided to go to the center, to take at least some photos... There are two parking places near the private houses - on land and on water: 


Carnival liner


And this is already in the center of 



A lot of high-rise buildings:

The water in the channels doesn't move a lot, so.... the smell!

Artistically fallen snag? A tree? Don't even know how to describe it:

Funny fountain - the stream in the middle of it generates waves that flow down the walls to the outside:

Anyone can learn to fly on a trapeze. To be honest, I didn't see anyone wishing to:

Mini-metro cars are scurrying back and forth:

Interesting solution - a passenger can take the bus attaching their bike to a special rack:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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