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Miami. P.3.

Barmoska • 6 minutes read • August 26th, 2015
So, the morning of the third day in 


turned out to be inclement. Not even that inclement, but slightly stormy.
When I went to the terrace for breakfast, I saw that one umbrella tipped over because of the strong wind and was going to fly off the roof of the fifth floor. I had to hoist it quickly on its place (almost got me knocked down! 

The wind mercilessly shakes the palm trees.... Where are those yesterday squirrels, I wonder?

Pigeons refuse to fly during such weather:

Nobody wishes to have breakfast on the terrace in such weather:

Well, it is time to go to the ship. The departure time is 6 pm. I took photos of mooring vessels at the entrance to the port. The newest liner Norwegian Epic:

Carnival 'little old men':

Loading aboard the liner. After checking in the luggage and going through TSA, a line builds up to the check-in desks:

Of course, a line for the economy class is the longest one. If it was a suite cabin, there would be nobody to the check-in desk: 

After all the procedures, I finally got my keys to the cabin. The view from the balcony. Upper decks:

Center of 


 in full view:

From the other side there is a view of the islands with luxurious accommodations:

People are slowly coming out on the decks:

View of the South Beach:

Cool bench:

It's time to eat. During the loading only upper Ocean View cafe works, so let's go there. According to the schedule, it's time for lunch, so the range is wide. Meat, salads...

Pasta, pizza...




Daily they cut something on the watermelon. Today, for example, is something like this:

Anyone can sign up for this Wine Event to drink a lot for little money:

It's getting crowded near the reception of the Spa-salon:

Cool hammock - just lay and relax overlooking the sea:

Gathering of the tourists of my compartment for the safety lecture. "We do everything to ensure safe navigation, in the case of danger, all will act according to the instructions, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah". They probably said the same thing on the Costa Concordia:

After instructions, everyone rushed to their cabins:

Port officials are slumbering while waiting for the command 'cast off!':

Carnival Valor crawled inside the bay to turn around:

All came on board at the time of departure:

Well, it's time for the departure and the ropes are being removed from the cleats one by one:

The last mooring rope is thrown into the water, let's go!

Plane and ship. And boat of the offender from the left side - it is located in the closed zone for the turning of the vessels:

Now they will be punished by a patrol boat:

The moment of punishment:

Valor is turning slowly...

Engine started working and the ship began to sail from the pier:

People are sitting and enjoying:

Several pictures with Epic:

Happy tourists are waving as hard as they can. They will also depart soon:

And someone is not waving, but just riding the water slides:

The vessel is very big, even a little bit bigger than 



All large and expensive cabins on this ship are in a separate area on the upper decks on the nose. They even have a patio with a separate pool:

Lifeboats also serve as tenders for the transportation of passengers to the ports where the ship cannot approach the shore. Their capacity is about 200 people (don't know how it's possible, but according to the description, it's true!):

Port Miami - port of the future, like this, pure and simple:

Filipino ensemble on the upper deck is kindling by singing the songs of Michael Jackson. By the way, I'd note, quite good!

Animators are also kindling, setting the crowd off by their dance: 

Entry to the terribly expensive (in terms of real estate) small island of Star:

Road that connects South Beach to the center of Miami - MacArthur Causeway:

In the foreground cars are waiting for loading on the small ferry:

And here it is:

New residential complexes on the Alton Road:

Patrol boats:

And a coast guard:

Yachts parking:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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