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Miami Zoo

wwworld • 4 minutes read • November 13th, 2016
One day, we went to 

Miami Zoo

I bought the tickets in advance online, on the official website. Before buying, I Googled promo codes on the internet and found a code that gave us a $5 discount (as of 2014) on each ticket - it was a pleasant bonus.
The zoo was getting ready for Christmas.
1miami-zoo.jpg2miami-zoo.jpgThe area of the zoo is quite large. It may take up to 4 hours for you to get around all of the animal exhibits without rushing. For ease of movement, you can rent such transport:
3miami-zoo.jpgHowever, the price to rent one, to put it mildly, was inhumane. The rental price of our car was the same as the rental price for this "bike", for only a couple of hours.

Miami Zoo

is arranged in an interesting way: there are no aviaries. The animals are in their natural habitat and are separated from the spectators only by deep moats. The depth and width of the moats depend on the extent of how dangerous the animal is: 
6miami-zoo.jpgSome animals could be easily reached.  
7miami-zoo.jpg8miami-zoo.jpg9miami-zoo.jpg10miami-zoo.jpgThere were many sweet smelling flowers around.
11miami-zoo.jpg12miami-zoo.jpgLions were having a rest.
13miami-zoo.jpg14miami-zoo.jpg15miami-zoo.jpg16miami-zoo.jpg17miami-zoo.jpg18miami-zoo.jpg19miami-zoo.jpgThis is the Komodo Dragon.
20miami-zoo.jpg21miami-zoo.jpgLater, we went to a cafe to eat. Dozens of ibises, who were looking for food, ran over to us immediately:
22miami-zoo.jpgThere was a children's playground near the cafe. So we had to make a stop.
23miami-zoo.jpg24miami-zoo.jpgThe evaporation on the ground was created by tiny droplets of cold water, as well as the cooling and humidifying plants.
25miami-zoo.jpg26miami-zoo.jpg27miami-zoo.jpgOne could touch the giraffe.
28miami-zoo.jpgThis is the "Truffle" African elephant:
29miami-zoo.jpgThese are beavers having lunch:
30miami-zoo.jpg31miami-zoo.jpg32miami-zoo.jpg33miami-zoo.jpg34miami-zoo.jpg35miami-zoo.jpgThere are giant tortoises:
36miami-zoo.jpgThese are Cuban crocodiles:
37miami-zoo.jpgThere were special columns for cooling down the visitors:
38miami-zoo.jpgThe day was excellent!
Author:  wwworld
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