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Mindil Beach

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Mindil Beach is a beach located near the Darwin's central business district. Mindil Beach holds the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, which runs during the Dry season (from May until October) of every year. These markets are popular with both the locals and tourists alike and can attract thousands of people.


When Goyder surveyed the town of Palmerston, as Darwin was originally known, the name ‘Mindil’ was given and written on maps to the swamp which was behind the town blocks. Rapidly this name came to be applied to the beach in front of the swamp, eventually becoming known as Mindil Beach.


Darwin beer-can regatta is held at Mindil Beach annually which has been running since 16 June 1974 when it was won by Kevin Jaques driving a tunnel hull "Pistol Knight" on behalf of the Darwin Power Boat Club.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are a seasonal market which is held at Mindil Beach. The markets originally started in the Darwin Mall in 1987. The shopkeepers here complained to the Council about loss of trade, thus causing the markets to move to Mindal Beach. the markets run from the last Thursday in April to the last Thursday in October.

The Mindal markets today consists of 60 food and 130 craft stalls that regularliy attend plus other stalls, that obtain a permit to trade for one night.

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