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Monaco is the city with the lift

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • April 9th, 2016
Monaco is a tiny state in western Europe surrounded by France at all borders. The area of the territory is only 1.2 sq. miles (2 sq. km). In Greek “Monaco” means something similar to "on its own". There is a legend that Monaco was founded by Heracles during his wanderings.
Today Monaco is one of the most densely populated states in the world. It is known, first of all, for the luxury and the billionaires living there, and also F1 Monaco Grand Prix. In this post, I would like to show you how the well-known district of 

Monte Carlo 

lives when racing cars don't rush on its streets...
Here's the view of Monaco. The principality is located on the hills. Archeologists found human traces there dated back to 300 thousand years B.C.
Because it is hard to go up and down the mountains, Monaco has public elevators all over the city. Not in buildings, but directly on the streets.
We lived in one of the highest buildings (in terms of location) and had to take 5 lifts to get there from the quay. There are regular and loading lifts. 
Some lifts only go up or down. And there’s only one Start button.
Other lifts have tunnels to the city. Some corridors look like technical ones, others are with illumination and finishing:
It looks like subway:
There are also ladders for active enthusiasts. It is possible to get on the mountain (or to go down) by stairs:
Ladders are very beautiful. If you have spare time and strength walking there would be very enjoyable. 
This is the view from my balcony:
During Formula 1, it’s really impossible to book the room in a hotel. There are absolutely no options, even very expensive. I had to use Airbnb:
I stayed in the apartments for the first time and really liked it. It was a big three-room apartment with a perfect view and all the conveniences one may need. And it cost less than the hotel!
This is our bedroom:
Here you can see our huge and lovely balcony where we spent all our time:
We also admired the sunset view. By the way, I went to Alaska and Antarctica on the same ship:
You can find signs similar to this one, showing the direction to the nearest helicopter landing site.
On this photo you can see the streets where we lived. It's considered to be a commuter district.
Along the walls, there are pots with greenery, very beautiful:
People dry their clothes in some yards.
There’s no beach in the city center, that’s why citizens sunbathe on the quay.
The bay is not far from the center. 
On this photo you can see the city beach. Not that many people, apparently it’s not the season yet.
The very center of 

Monte Carlo 

is on the next picture. On the left you can see a well-known casino. On the right there is that legendary Hotel De Paris
This is the museum of oceanography which I visited last time. I admit, the original building on the rock made a bigger impression than museum exhibits. Though maybe it’s just me personally:
There’s a yellow submarine in front of the museum.
Here's the church where Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly got married.
On the next photo you can see the Prince Palace. The entrance is protected by a guard of honor:
From the castle opens a great view of the bay:
The highest building in the center is the house where we lived. You can even see our balcony (it is on the very top).
The main bay of 


is on the next picture. People prefer water transportation over cars.
Contemporary buildings are very nice:
Yachts are all over the bay:
The most common car in Monaco is Ferrari:
Also there are such limos as well - Chrysler 300:
Stations for electric cars look like this one:
I liked the navigation museum where models of the modern and ancient ships are collected. All exhibits are very good, one can examine the details for hours:
Ships stand close to each other. I was asked to take off my backpack not to touch the glass:In the center of the case of this submarine the compartment with rockets is visible:
Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov:
American aircraft carrier of the "Nimitz" class:
Platform for spacecraft launching:
Old cruise ship. Now, by the way, cruise liners are much bigger:
That’s all about Monaco for now. In the next post, I will show Jordan again! Stay Tuned!
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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