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Monte Verde

Natural sights
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Monte Verde (Portuguese meaning "green mountain") is the tallest mountain in the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde. The mountain is located 8 km (5 mi) east of the city of Mindelo, the island's main city and is 750 m tall. The mountain is part of a natural park. It is an example of a sub-humid ecosystem. Of the 93 inventoried species of flora, 17 are on the list of endangered species of São Vicente. Examples of species that are not found elsewhere on the island are Limonium jovi-barba, Sonchus daltonii, Echium stenosiphon ssp. stenosiphon, Campanula jacobaea, Davallia canariensis and Kickxia elegans.

The view at the top of Monte Verde is spectacular featuring views of the entire island including Baía das Gatas and the city of Mindelo as well as the islands Santa Luzia to the east and Santo Antão to the northwest.


Cultural reference

Symphony No. 6 which is titled "Monte Verde" was an orchestra done by Vasco Martins along with another orchestral work Calmas tardes no Monte Verde (Calm Winds on Monte Verde).​

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