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Morning In Venice

River Pilgrim • 3 minutes read • September 25th, 2016
While many people would choose to sleep in as late as possible, we got up early. After all, we didn't want to miss the passage of marine ships from the sea to the port, through 


We left the hotel and went to the Giudecca Canal waterfront.
The ships’ port call started at around 7 a.m. 
2morning-in-venice.jpg3morning-in-venice.jpg4morning-in-venice.jpgMeanwhile, more people appeared in the streets and the embankments.
5morning-in-venice.jpg6morning-in-venice.jpg7morning-in-venice.jpgWe waited for the port call of new vessels while taking photos of the canals and residential areas.
8morning-in-venice.jpg9morning-in-venice.jpg10morning-in-venice.jpgThere were no garbage cans, so neatly packed bags of trash were placed outside, like this:  
11morning-in-venice.jpgThen came this boat, to pick up the garbage and remove it from the city:  
12morning-in-venice.jpg13morning-in-venice.jpg14morning-in-venice.jpgMore houses:  
15morning-in-venice.jpg16morning-in-venice.jpgWe went back to the pier. 
17morning-in-venice.jpg18morning-in-venice.jpg19morning-in-venice.jpg20morning-in-venice.jpg21morning-in-venice.jpg23morning-in-venice.jpg24morning-in-venice.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Zoozi

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