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Mount Kujū

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Mount Kujū (九重山, Kujū-san) is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. The 1,700-metre-high (5,577 ft) mountain lies on the border of Kokonoe and Taketa in Ōita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. They are part of Aso-Kujū National Park.


  • Kujū Mountains
    • Mount Kujū (1,787 m)- The main peak
    • Mount Nakadake (1,791 m)- The highest peak in Kyushu
    • Mount Inahoshi (1,774 m)
    • Mount Hōsshō (1,762 m)
    • Mount Mimata (1,745 m)
  • Taisen Mountains
    • Mount Taisen (1,786 m)
    • Mount North (Kita) Taisen (1,706 m)
    • Mount Heiji (1,642 m)

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