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Mount Moiwa, Ropeway In Sapporo, Japan

Nefer • 3 minutes read • December 22nd, 2016
During the first day of my visit to 

Sapporo city

in Japan, I went to the observation deck. The review about it can be found here.
When it got dark, I decided to ascend Mount Moiwa to see the admirable views from there, as the guidebook had promised.
1mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpg2mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgFirst, you go by this 


 (the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway), and then you change to a mini-cable car.
3mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpg4mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpg5mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgThere were really spectacular views of the city at night. However, it was windy, making it almost impossible to enjoy the scenic landscapes for a while.
6mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgAll the observation decks in Japan have some romantic spots.
7mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpg8mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgI was freezing, so I went down and bought a drink to warm myself up! 
9mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpg10mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgIn addition to the observation deck on Mount Moiwa, there was a restaurant and a planetarium.
11mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgThere was a souvenir shop near the exit. Usually, each place of interest has its own talisman. Black and pink rabbits were the "mascot" of this place.
12mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpg13mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgThe ticket cost about $14.40 (as of 2016).
14mountain-moiwa-ropeway-sapporo-japan.jpgThe lower ropeway station was located near the tram stop at Ropeway Iriguchi. From there you could walk up a small hill or grab one of the free shuttle buses. In Sapporo, there were two more observation decks: 

TV Tower

and JR Tower.
Author: Nefer
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