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Møysalen is a mountain that is located on the border of the municipalities of Sortland and Lødingen in Nordland county, Norway. At 1,262 metres (4,140 ft) tall, it is the highest mountain on the island of Hinnøya and the second highest mountain on any island in Norway. The mountain is located within Møysalen National Park, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) straight east of Hennes and Kaljord in Hadsel municipality.


The name derives from the Norwegian words "møy", which translates to maiden, and "sal", which can be translated into either saddle or hall. South of the peak is two smaller peaks, named Lille Møya (The Small Maiden) and Store Møya (The Big Maiden), which according to local folklore were two troll maidens that were turned into stone. Møysalen is either the saddle or the roof of the hall of these two maidens.


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