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MS Amsterdam

237.0 m (777.6 ft)
32.25 m (105.8 ft)
First voyage: 
12 decks

MS Amsterdam is a cruise ship owned and operated by Holland America Line, named for the northern Holland city of Amsterdam. She is the line's Pacific flagship and is a sister ship to MS Rotterdam. She is the co-flagship of Holland America Line along with Rotterdam.

As with Rotterdam, Amsterdam features a multi-million dollar art collection. This includes a three-story, fully functional Astrolabe in the main atrium which took over 15 years to design.

During the summer, Amsterdam sails around Alaska; during the winter, she makes grand voyages around Asia, Australia/New Zealand & South Pacific. She also sails an around-the-world grand voyage round-trip from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Fuel consumption of 140 tons (39,500 gallons) of fuel per day at 21 knots speed.


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