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MSC Cruises Drink Packages

5 minutes read • February 8th, 2019
MSC Cruises sailing is already booked! Well, it’s time to take care of the details. Let’s discuss

MSC Cruises Drink Packages

MSC Cruises drink packages
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First, let’s consider some important points of MSC Cruises’ alcohol policy.
MSC Cruises drinking age is 21 for the Caribbean and U.S. itineraries and 18 for all other cruises.
Passengers can't bring alcohol on the company's liners on the departure day. One will be given all the alcohol he/she purchases in liner’s duty-free shops and in ports at the end of the sailing.

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As for packages, they include an unlimited quantity of drinks available through a certain package. Let’s check MSC Cruises Drink Packages' types.
We’ll start with non-alcoholic variants.
MSC offers 2 types of Non-Alcoholic Drink Packages:
  • For Caribbean sailings: option for children aged 3-11 years and package for travelers over 12 years old
  • For non-Caribbean sailings: option for guests aged 3-17 years and package for cruise lovers over 18 years old.
Both options include sodas, flavored water, juices, cocktails, and more.
It’s important to note that a cruise traveler can’t take advantage of the non-alcoholic packages in the liner’s specialty restaurants.

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Now let’s move on to alcoholic beverage packages available onboard MSC Cruises’ liners. The options are as follows:
  • Easy Package includes selected drinks (classic hot drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, spirits, cocktails, etc.) that one can consume in all venues except for specialty restaurants.
  • Premium Package includes drinks from Easy Package plus all drinks priced up to $12 (this limit varies by destination and may be up to $10 for certain itineraries). Travelers can enjoy drinks in any of the vessel’s venues.
  • Premium Plus Package includes all beverages by the glass in all venues (no price limit). Besides, one can use minibar and other perks.

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It’s much cheaper to purchase the package in advance. This will save the cruise lover 15% - or up to $11 per person per day. Pre-paid prices depend on the destination of the sailing and start from:
  • Non-Alcoholic Child Package - $17 (for all destinations)
  • Non-Alcoholic Package - $23
  • Easy Package – $35 (for all destinations)
  • Premium Package – $47
  • Premium Plus Package - $62
Please note that prices are mentioned per person per day and may be changed by the cruise line.

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Although the cost is per day, the ship's guest must order the package for the length of the voyage. Besides, each of the travelers in one stateroom must buy any of the packages - even children over three years of old (well, of course, we mean the non-alcoholic option for kids). If people travel together and want to sit at the same table, the rule is the same – that is all group members must purchase the package.

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Now we invite you to enjoy a very “refreshing” video – to see what may be included in the packages.

What do you think about cruise packages? Do you usually order them? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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